A letter to my future lover

Sylvester. The second time without you. What sounds like the continuation of a sad story is almost a tradition. We met at the end of October 2020. We spent New Year’s Eve 2020 separately – wasn’t sure yet that we would celebrate together and after all, each of us also had an obligation to our […]

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How to lose weight and still live your life

A caloric deficit is an essential requirement for successful weight loss for an escort girl. Although, unfortunately, many people focus on eliminating gluten and dairy products, trying to consume only “allowed foods” in their diet, the law of thermodynamics expressed by energy balance can not be fooled. The caloric deficit can be likened to extraterrestrial […]

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12 Exercises for working out with your weight

Whether you are looking for exercises that will diversify your workout routine, or you need new inspiration for your home workout, you are in the right place. Today, in our article wrote with help from our sexy escort girls you will discover some practical exercises for body weight, their correct technique, different variations, and tips […]

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5 tips to stay active and motivated

Maybe you don’t even think about exercise because of everything that happens globally and in the country. All the more so as restaurants’ opening and closing measures, shops and gyms are constantly changing. Feelings of insecurity and anxieties about the future are exhausting to some. And that’s completely natural. On the other hand, we must […]

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Interesting facts about sex

Sexuality is a highly complex field, which can be interpreted indefinitely. For some people, this means sexual orientation, and for others, it means intimate relationships between two or more people. Sex is an essential aspect of every individual’s life, even though it may be a taboo subject for many people. In essence, it is a […]

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