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Essen City

Essen is a marvellous city found in the west of Germany. We can find it in the area of North Rhine-Westphalia – Germany’s most populated state. As of 2018, just under 600,000 people live in this city – meaning there are a lot of beautiful escort girls residing there too! There are some fantastic sights to see if you haven’t been before. For example, you can check out the Zeche Zollverein – a UNESCO world heritage site. You can also visit Castle Borbeck or take a look around the Essen Business District. There are lots of things to see and do in Essen. Even if you have never heard of this city, you will be amazed at what you will find here.

Particularly impressive is the Zeche Zollverein, as mentioned above. It used to be a large coal mine industrial complex. It was once the biggest of its kind in the whole of Europe! In 1993 the place closed down. But from 2001, the coking plant and the mine are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So it’s a real eye-catcher for many tourists in the area, just like the escort models from our Essen Escort Agency.

As for the history of Essen for those who are interested: Essen was founded way back in the year 845. It eventually became one of the essential steel and coal centres in Germany. Workers from all around Germany swarmed to Essen up until 1970 because of the work that could be done there. Nowadays, Essen is Germany’s 9th largest city in terms of population. A few years ago, up until 1988, it was Germany’s 5th largest city. This fact doesn’t mean it has decreased in size – just other cities have increased in size a lot quicker! Being a big city, it made our work more comfortable to select the most beautiful and attractive escorts in the area. Other more recent successes of the city include being the European Capital of Culture in 2010 and the European Green Capital in 2017. So whether you are visiting the city for work or pleasure – be sure to check out everything about this fantastic city.

So, now you know quite a bit about the city of Essen. But we know that you’re here for something more specific – the hot escort girls that Essen has on offer. We will stop boring you with historical facts and now tell you a little about the girls you can book from us.

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You can also be sure that all our gorgeous escort girls are both genuine and honest, so you know that you will have a fantastic time with whichever call-girl you choose to spend some private time with. All of our escort models want to give you the best time of your life. Whether that time is spent in a posh restaurant, at the latest exhibition in a museum, in a beautiful park, or just spent behind closed doors in your hotel room, they are ready to satisfy you in any way you need to be satisfied. You can ask for one of our escort girls to come and visit your hotel room or at your home or office. Regardless of where you choose to start your hot date, you can be sure of one thing: the sexy escort model you choose is ready to come to see you and spend a beautiful day and erotic night with you. What more could you want? Keep reading to find out more!

We all know that women are hot, but we also know that we all have our tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing a beautiful escort. What about your favorites? Do you prefer an escort girl with long blonde hair? Or perhaps you are more of a brunette escort fan? What things turn you on in a female companion? Do you want a sexy escort lady to give you a massage in your hotel room? Or perhaps you’d prefer to go to a museum with her and have deep and intellectual conversations about the pieces of art? Whatever it is that you are looking for and what you prefer, we have the perfect escort girl for you.

Please take a look at our escort girls gallery to find out more about every one of them. It’s easy to say that we have some beautiful escorts on offer! You can find out about simple things! Their hair colour and their eye colour, but also some less-obvious details, such as what their favourite perfume is (so you could perhaps buy it for her in advance to get the date off to a good start). You can also find out about their sexual preferences so that you can see which model would meet your needs in the bedroom. It’s a difficult decision, so it’s best if you start deciding now!

Our escorts at Escort Service Essen are ready to give you the time of your life, wherever that may be. If you want to go to a posh restaurant with the escort girl of your choice, to the cinema to see the latest film, to a museum for some exciting exhibitions, or even just straight into your hotel room or bedroom at home, she will be happy to comply. And the best bit is that once your date is confirmed, your elegant escort lady will make her way to you immediately, and, depending on where she is coming from, she should be with you within 30-60 minutes – so get ready!

Hotel visits: How does it work?

If you are only in Essen for a short visit, whether for personal reasons or business purposes, then you may decide to stay in a hotel. You may want your choice of pretty escort to come and visit your hotel room. If this is the case, you need to contact us with the name of the young escort girl you have chosen and the length of time you would like to spend with one of our models. You will then also need to give us your first name or surname, the name of your hotel, and your room number. To confirm the date, we will call you discreetly on the phone in your hotel room. For hotel ideas, keep on reading.

Home, office, and private visits: How does it work?

You can ask for one of our escort girls to come and visit you in your home or at your office. Just call us and tell us the name of the girl you have chosen, as well as the time you want to spend in her company. You will then also need to tell us your name, or the name on the doorbell of the property, the address, and a landline phone number. We’ll call you back on the landline number that you gave us to confirm the date, and then your sexy escort will be on her way to you. If you don’t have a landline number, then we can also accept a copy of a utility bill (such as electricity or telephone) of the property.

Some ideas on where to go and what to do with a beautiful escort in Essen.

Now you are starting to get to know a little about the Escort Service Essen and the sexy girls we have on offer. You might be wondering what you can do with the horny escort model of your choice after you have booked her from our Agency. We have put together a list of ideas on what you can do. We hope that one or a few of the ideas sound interesting to you!

Perhaps a little obvious, but right at the top of the list is taking your cute girl to your hotel room. We have told you about the ins and outs of booking a pretty escort for a hotel visit above, but maybe you need some help with finding a hotel. Look no further, here are some ideas on where to spend the night.

Mercure Hotel Plaza

This location is a 4-star hotel and part of the magnificent Mercure Hotels chain. Found right around the corner from the central train station, it is perfect for those who travel to Essen by train – including yourself and your GFE escort model. The hotel boasts a highly-rated restaurant and bar, so you don’t have to go far to get some delicious food and tasty drinks with the girl of your dreams. Then it will be effortless to go back to your room together to enjoy the dessert!

Hotel address: Bismarckstraße 48-50, 45128 Essen
Website: Mercure Hotel Plaza Website
Phone: 0049201878580

Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton is the hotel for you if you are looking for a more luxurious stay in Essen. From classic to superior suites with a view of the city, you can choose a room perfect for you and your high-class escort girl. The hotel also offers a 24/7 gym, meeting rooms for business conferences, and a divine restaurant where you can chill and have a chat with one of our beautiful escorts.

Hotel address: Huyssenallee 55, 45128 Essen
Website: Sheraton Hotel Website
Phone: 004920110070

Novum Select Hotel Handelshof

This hotel is ideal for those who want to stay in a central location in Essen when visiting. It is close to everything – from shops and restaurants to sightseeing locations. There are a variety of rooms to choose from to help tailor-make your stay, and there is also a breakfast buffet for a small fee (you can get a discount if you book online!). The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi, but who needs that when you have a curvy escort to keep you busy?

Hotel address: Am Hauptbahnhof 2, 45127 Essen
Website: Novum Select Hotel Website
Phone: 004920124685300

If none of the above hotels sound interesting to you, then speak to us on the phone to ask for more ideas. We are happy to help out where we can.

What better way to get to know an escort girl than to take her out for dinner? Essen has a wide variety of restaurants to offer. We have picked out a few to give you some ideas:

DAMPFE – das Borbecker Brauhaus

If you are in Germany for the first time or you love this country in general – nothing beats a good Brauhaus. Brauhaus means brewery house, and these places always serve very traditional German food, such as sausages and sauerkraut. DAMPFE is an excellent brewery house found near to the tram stop Germaniaplatz. You get a tremendous traditional feeling as you step into this restaurant and smell the delicious food. You can try out some of the local beer and truly feel German. We are sure that your sexy escort girl will want to try out some of the beer too, and show off her culture. So give her a chance, and she will be impressed! To book a table, you can call them or visit their website.

Location address: Heinrich-Brauns-Straße 9-15, 45355 Essen
Website: Dampfe Restaurant Website
Phone: 0049201630070

Rütteria Lorenzo

Italian food is just great, and we all love good pasta or pizza. You can find many delicious Italian restaurants in the city of Essen. One of our top picks is Rutteria Lorenzo. You can find this restaurant right near the underground stop Philharmonie. Next to the restaurant is a beautiful park, perfect for a short walk after a romantic meal. You can even go to the theatre located nearby afterward! With a variety of food – even vegetarian options –, this Italian restaurant is the perfect place for a romantic vibe for you and your gorgeous busty escort girl. To reservice, contact them by phone or Email.

Location address: Skagerrakstraße 6, 45128 Essen
Website: Restaurant Website
Phone: 004920189947297

Der Bonner Hof Restaurant

If you prefer more fine dining, then Der Bonner Hof is perfect for you. Expect to pay a bit more money but get excellent service and food for it. Der Bonner Hof offers a selection of German and Mediterranean cuisine. So if you are a seafood fan, check out this restaurant. We all know that oysters are an aphrodisiac. Maybe you and your porn star escort can try out that theory here? This restaurant is located in the old town of Essen, meaning the surrounding area is beautiful. Perfect for a nice walk to and from the restaurant – perhaps back to your hotel room after? But that’s up to you, of course. If you want to reserve a table, please contact them.

Location address: Kringsgat 14, (direkt hinter dem Kettwiger-Rathaus), 45219 Essen
Website: Restaurant Website
Phone: 004920545386

What could be more adventurous than going to the cinema, sharing popcorn, cuddling up to a romantic film? Or maybe you could see a horror film to make your escort girl scared so you can cuddle up to her and make her feel safe? Whatever kind of movie you want to see, here are some of the cinemas in Essen. Of course, we recommend you look online at what kind of films are currently running in the cinemas below – they change often!


CinemaxX is a cinema found in the heart of Essen, and it is also supposedly the biggest multiplex cinema in all of Germany! CinemaxX always has the latest films to show, so you can come here with your slim callgirl to see the newest blockbuster, and maybe go for a drink or some dinner afterwards in one of the nearby restaurants or bars.

Location address: Berliner Platz. 4/5, 45127 Essen
Website: CinemaxX Website
Phone: 00494080806969

Autokino Essen

If you can speak a bit of German, then you may know what kind of cinema this is. That’s right – a drive-in cinema! So you can stay in the comfort of your car while you watch an exciting movie with a cute East European escort girl in the passenger seat. You can find The Autokino in the north of Essen city. It’s not very central, but you will have your car with you, so that’s not a problem at all. Our favourite thing about this cinema is that you can do whatever you want with your cute escort girl in the safety of your car. Of course, be careful about other vehicles around – save the hot stuff later for your hotel room or home.

Location address: Sulterkamp 70, 45356 Essen
Website: Autokino Website
Phone: 0049815190340

Lichtburg Essen

Lichtburg Essen is over 40 years old and a classic movie theatre that would please any architect. Despite it being a beautiful, old building, it still shows the latest blockbusters. So if you are interested in trying out a different kind of cinema and seeing the newest movies that are out, then this is probably the right place to invite your sexy mature escort lady.

Location address: Kettwiger Str. 36, 45127 Essen
Website: Lichtburg Kino Website
Phone: 0049201231023

Sometimes it is nice to go for a stroll around shops with a hot student escort. Maybe you can spoil your companion with a present – perhaps perfume or a new dress. That will please her a lot. She will want to please you in return to your hotel room or your home. But we will let the escort girl decide what she can offer back (maybe you can give some hints to her). Here are some excellent locations in Essen where you can take your escort girl shopping:

Limbecker Platz

Limbecker Platz can easily be reached by everyone due to its location – in the north of the city centre. It is a huge shopping centre with tons of different shops to explore, from clothes and jewellers to sweets and electronics. You could get lost for hours in this massive place with a curvy escort by your side! There is also a generous selection of restaurants and cafes, where you and your date can grab some lunch during a busy day shopping.

Address: Limbecker Platz 1a, 45127 Essen
Website: Limbecker Platz Mall

Rathaus Galerie Essen

The Rathaus Galerie opened up back in 1979. It boasts a wide variety of shops (over 40 in fact), as well as places to grab some food. You can even find a performing arts venue if you fancy a break and want to get off your feet and enjoy some entertainment. It’s the perfect place for a casual mooch around shops with a beautiful German escort girl right next to you – you are going to get some jealous looks, that’s for sure!

Address: Am Porscheplatz 2, 45127 Essen
Website: Rathaus Galerie

Intelligence makes a man look sexy. So if you take your open-minded escort girl to a museum to talk about culture, art, and history, then she is bound to fall for you. She’ll be able to take you back to your hotel room and show you how much she loves your intelligence! But to get that started – here are some ideas on museums you can visit in Essen.

Museum Folkwang

Museum Folkwang is the home of many internationally significant 19th-century German and French paintings and sculptures. A particular focus is on German Romanticism, with artists such as Caspar David Friedrich and Carl Gustav Carus. Further to this, there are other areas in the museum for those with different tastes. The German Poster Museum or the Department of Prints and Drawings are also in Essen city. You are bound to find something that interests you and about which you can have an intellectual conversation with our romantic escort lady.

Museum address: Museumsplatz 1, 45128 Essen
Website: Museum Folkwang
Phone: 00492018845000

Ruhr Museum

Found at the UNESCO world heritage site, the Ruhr Museum is a new type of regional museum. It’s not an industrial museum as you might think with it being at such a place. You can learn a lot about the Ruhrgebiet ( area of Essen city ), including natural and cultural history. Of course, you can also find information about coal. But not in terms of industry, but rather in terms of the formation of coal, which dated back to 300 million years ago! It is exciting and a great place to visit to learn some knowledge with your petite escort girl.

Museum address: Gelsenkirchener Str. 181, 45309 Essen
Website: Ruhr Museum
Phone: 004920124681444

Some men prefer exploring the great outdoors. So why not do that with a beautiful escort model by your side? As you have seen above, Essen has a lot to offer, such as cinemas and shopping areas. But there are also things you can get up to in and around Essen if you prefer to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with a gorgeous Latina escort. Here are some of our ideas for you:

Grugapark Essen

Grugapark is a large and impressive park found in Essen. Opened back in 1929, it is a brilliant place to go to with your hot redhead escort girl if you fancy exploring somewhere outside if the weather is beautiful. There are lots of events that take place throughout the year, so we recommend that you do some research for the specific day on which you are planning on going. You can see so many beautiful things here, from many sculptures, buildings, wildlife and more. You can easily get lost here with a sexy model right by your side.

Park address: Virchowstraße 167a, 45147 Essen
Website: Grugapark Website
Phone: 00492018883106


The Baldeneysee, or ‘Baldeney Lake,’ is a beautiful lake found in the south of Essen amongst the city areas of Werden, Bredeney, Heisingen, Fischlaken, and Kupferfreh. Interestingly, the lake is human-made and was built in the years 1931-1933. There are lots of things you can get up to with a hot Indian escort by your side at the Balendeysee. It is very famous for all kinds of water sports, such as canoeing and sailing, so you can go and take a few drinks to sit along the lake to watch all of the exciting sports events happening in summer. Or perhaps even have a go yourself!

Furthermore, you can take a boat ride along the scenic lake and enjoy the view with your choice of MILF escort. You can even check out one of the cafes and restaurants dotted along the lake, such as the cocktail bar called Seaside Beach Club. The Baldeneysee is the perfect place to go to enjoy a few drinks with a sexy girl, especially in the summer months.

Going to the theatre is a great way to show how cultured you are to your beautiful escort girl. It’s also perfect if you are more interested in things like that, compared to going to the cinema or a museum. There aren’t too many theatres in Essen, but here is a definite must if you are interested in taking your girl to the theatre:

Aalto Theater

The Aalto it opened up back in 1988 and boasts a wide range of opera and ballet shows. It continually gets excellent reviews from critics around the world and truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you are only visiting the area. Your roleplay escort girl will dress to impress in a sleek and sexy dress. Just tell us in advance that you want to take her to the Aalto Theater. She will make sure she stands out from the crowd to make everyone jealous and your heart pound!

Theater address: Opernplatz 10, 45128 Essen
Website: Aalto Theater
Phone: 004920181220

You maybe didn’t consider this one. You can take the sexy lady of your choice to one of the beautiful spas in Essen. She will surely welcome the idea and be ready to thank you in any way possible. Here are a couple of ideas on where to take her if this idea sounds promising to you:

Grugapark Therme

Located in the Grugapark, the Therma costs just 22 euros for a day ticket during the week, or 24 euros on weekends. There are also other tickets, such as if you want to go for two or three hours. There is a relaxing sauna (no clothes allowed) as well as a wide range of massage offers. But maybe you could leave out the massage and ask your beautiful VIP escort to give you a massage later on as a thank you for taking her to a spa. We’re sure she will be eager to help out where she can.

Spa address: Lührmannstraße 70, 45131 Essen
Website: Grugapark Spa Website
Phone: 0049201856100

Wellnest Spa

Because it is much smaller, this spa is closer to the city centre. Despite its size, it offers a sauna, jacuzzi (which the Germans call a Whirlpool – so that you know) and an experience shower. You can book a “nest” for two people – so you and your girl are alone together. It can’t get better than that, can it?!

Spa address: Lührmannstraße 70, 45131 Essen
Website: Wellnest Spa Website
Phone: 004920145844600

If you want to escape the bustling city, you can take a train to the train station Essen-Überruhr or take a bus to Essen Betriebshof Ruhrallee. Sure, it’s not exactly a regular date – but walking along the river Ruhr can be quite calming and gives both you and your tall escort a bit of peace as you try and get to know each other a little more.

This way is perfect if you don’t want to sit down in one place and enjoy walking and enjoying the soothing noises of the water rushing past. Maybe you will even get a beautiful view of the sunset as you sit along the river with beers in hand. The romantic vibes will surely excite any OWO escort girl that you choose, but you can decide what you do with that when you go back to your hotel room with her.

Last but not least – if you are a big fan of loud music and dancing, then don’t forget that Essen has a lot of exciting clubs and parties on offer. Of course, each club is different. And each club also offers a variety of parties. So be sure to check out online in advance what kind of parties are taking place when you are visiting. But here are just a few ideas and examples of clubs in Essen:

19 Down

Fan of hip hop? Then this is the perfect place for you. The name comes because there are 19 steps at the entrance that take you down into the hip-hop basement. Often, there are also live rappers showing off their latest songs and beats. So check out this place if hip hop and rap is your thing.

Location address: Rüttenscheider Str. 114, 45131 Essen
Website: 19 Down Website


This place is excellent for pre-drinks. It’s a bit calmer than the two above locations and great for a chat and a dance with your beautiful Russian escort. In terms of music, you can often hear the latest songs, as well as songs from the 80s and house music. So it’s sweet and mixed to keep attention high.

Location address: Kettwiger Str. 20, 45127 Essen
Website: Musikpalette Website
Phone: 00492012437978

Payment - Discretion - Contact

If you would like to pay by cash, then you can do so on the date itself. Please note that our escorts only accept euros or American dollars. You need to tell us when you book if you would like to pay by cash, especially if you are paying with a currency other than Euro or American dollar. After you have met up with your sexy ebony escort, pay her within the first 5 minutes and then enjoy the date!

For credit card payments, you need to let us know that you will be paying by credit card at the time of booking. All card payments are subject to a surcharge of 10-15%, and we sometimes require proof of identification such as a passport. You can also pay with your card online, with a credit or debit card. For online payments, we can send the link either by text message or email.

We can also accept a bank transfer for payments of advanced bookings. And don’t worry, the transaction you make will not have the name of our service on it – we will appear anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about anybody knowing what you are spending your money on if they see your bank statement!

Privacy is essential to us. That’s why when you have booked a date with our discreet escort girl, she will remain discreet on her journey. If she is coming to visit you in your hotel room, she will not speak to any of the hotel staff that she may bump into on the way. She will make her way directly to you in your hotel room. When she comes to see you at home or in your office, she will park her car away from your property and not directly in front of it. She will also not get out of the taxi in front of your property, either. That way, nobody will know about the erotic adventure you are both about to go on.

We hope the above information has helped you decide on what you would like to do with the escort girl of your dreams. When you have chosen an Asian escort girl to spend some precious time with, please need to contact us to get your date booked. To book a sensual appointment with the beautiful girl of your choice, you need to give us a call on 004915259476665. You can also contact us by Email.

If you are looking at booking a date for the same day, then we suggest calling us so we can directly deal with your wish. You can contact us from 11 am to 3 am from Monday to Saturday, and 11 am to 1 am on Sundays. Our team can speak English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Italian, so we will have no problem understanding your every need when it comes to picking a top companion! We are also happy to advise you when selecting a girl. Or to choose where to go with her.

Best regards!