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The city of Bochum

You can find Bochum city in the German state of North-Rhine Westfalia. That’s Germany’s most populous state. If you don’t know, Bochum is the sixth-largest city in Northrhine-Westfalia. So there are lots of people here, including beautiful girls and sexy escorts! The total population is around 365,000 inhabitants. That also makes it Germany’s 16th largest city. The first hints of Bochum can be traced back to the 19th century when his name was Cofbuokheim. Nowadays, Bochum is famous for its beautiful architecture, including the religious type, parks, and gardens. There are loads of festivals that take place throughout the year, including the Bochum Total. That’s a rock music festival which takes place around July. Of course, there are also Christmas markets in December.

The city also boasts a wide variety of museums, some of which you can read about below. Even art galleries are plenty in this exciting city. As for sports, football is big in Bochum. The local team is VfL Bochum, which has been in the second division of the Bundesliga since 2010. You can read more about the stadium below. So regardless of what you are doing in Bochum, you can be sure that you will have a great and exciting time. But what makes any experience that little bit better? A beautiful German escort, of course! That’s why you’re here on this website, after all. So enough of the small talk. Let us tell you about the sexy escorts we have to offer and give you some ideas on what you can do with her. You will also find information about how to book and such below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help.

When you book an escort girl from our Escort Agency in Bochum, you will find only the most reasonable and affordable prices. That way, you can concentrate more on having a great time with the high-class escort that you choose and less on worrying about being able to afford the great time you have. Over the time that we have offered our services, we have had many customers who have given us lots of positive feedback. One particular point that is already praised by our customers is the cooperation we have between ourselves and our customers. So you can be sure that, when you book an escort girl with us, you will get only the best escort service both from us and our beautiful escorts.

Each one of our sensual escort girls is ready to give you the time of our life. They are also all genuine and honest, so you don’t need to worry about meeting with a girl who isn’t interested. You can choose what you get up to with your choice of escort. Perhaps you want to go for a nice lunch or dinner with her and have a few laughs over a bottle or two of wine? Or maybe you want to experience the beautiful outdoors that Bochum offers with a walk through the park? Some may also like to go for a few drinks in a bar. Some want to get right down to the dirty business under the bedsheets in their hotel room, office, or home. But you can decide what you do, and the girl you choose will be happy to comply. You will find the call-girl of your dreams with us, so keep reading to find out more!

We are bound to have the escort that fits every one of your needs. If you like girls with blonde hair, then we’ve got them. Prefer brunette escorts? We have them too! How about a girl who loves giving erotic massages or who can speak a foreign language? We have them as well! Whatever kind of girl you are looking for, take a look at our website, and you will find the perfect girl for you.

If you keep reading, you will come across pages for each of our escorts. On each page, you will find lots of information about each of our gorgeous escort girls, from their name and age to their eye colour and favourite perfume. You can even find out about their sexual preferences. That’s an essential point to consider when making a tough decision on which beautiful escort girl you want to spend some sweet time.

Our escorts can’t wait to meet you in your hotel room, your office, or your home. What you both get up to is entirely your choice. If you would rather spend some quiet time behind closed doors, then our escort models are ready to do the same! If you would instead get out and have a look around the beautiful city of Bochum, perhaps at a museum or a park, then our call-girls are also happy to do. Once we have confirmed your date, your pretty escort model will be on her way and should be with you within half an hour to an hour, so you don’t have long to get ready. Don’t forget the breath spray!

Home or office visits

If you want one of our gorgeous escorts to come and keep you company at your home or your office, then call us now to get her booked and the date confirmed! Tell us how long you would like to spend with her, and also what her name is. You also need to tell us the address of the property you are at, the name your chosen escort will find on the doorbell, and we need the landline number of the home. If you don’t have a landline number, we can also accept a copy of a utility bill of the property. We will call you back on the landline number to confirm the date, and then get ready, because your beautiful young escort is on her way!

Visits to hotels

Are you planning a trip soon to Bochum, either for personal reasons or business purposes? Have you thought about what to do in the evenings when you have no plans? Well, our beautiful escorts in Bochum will be happy to help you make the evening an unforgettable one. When you get in touch with us to book the Asian girl of your dreams, let us know the name of the hotel you are staying in and the room number, as well as your first or last name. You also need to tell us the name of the escort model you have decided to spend some time with and how long you would like to spend with her.

After that, we will give you a call back on the phone in your hotel room to confirm the date. Once that has been completed, then you better get yourself ready. The busty call-girl you have chosen will be on her way to you and, depending on how far away she is coming. She should be with you within 30-60 minutes of the date confirmation! If you are not sure about which hotel to stay in Bochum, then keep reading for some hotel recommendations below.

Our ideas on how to spend your time in Bochum!

So you have now read a little about our escort girls as well as hotel and private visits. But then the question arises of how to spend your time near the escort you have booked. That’s particularly so if you don’t want to (directly) go to your hotel room. In Bochum, there is plenty to see and do. So we have put together a few tips on what to do with your hot escort from Bochum. If you have any other questions, please get in touch. We are happy to help where we can!

This idea is perhaps a little obvious, but why not ask an escort girl to come straight to your hotel room? We’ll let you decide what you do with her in there. If you aren’t sure on which hotel you should stay in when visiting Bochum, then take a look at this list of hotel recommendations:

Renaissance Bochum Hotel

Renaissance Bochum is a fantastic and luxurious hotel found in the heart of the city, which offers a wide variety of things. Why not splash out on a Renaissance-Suite to impress the VIP escort you choose to spend your time? You can also go to the Sutherland restaurant or Franklins bar found in the hotel with a beautiful escort girl by your side. For those active men among us, there are also some fitness areas on offer, from gym equipment to a sauna. So this hotel is a perfect choice for those who want everything under one roof!

Address: Stadionring 18, 44791 Bochum
Website: Renaissance Bochum
Phone: 004923461010

Mercure Hotel Bochum City

Mercure Hotel Bochum City is a good hotel for those who like hotels they know. Mercure is a useful and popular hotel chain. You can reach this fantastic hotel within just a 7-minute walk from the Bochum train station. If the student escort you choose is coming from outside of Bochum and is traveling by train, she will find effortless the way to get to this hotel. She doesn’t have a long distance to get to you! The hotel also offers a fitness studio if you want to do a bit of training before your escort comes to visit, and there is even free Wi-Fi. But then again, who needs free Wi-Fi when you have a sensual escort girl lying on your bed ready for you?!

Address: Massenbergstraße 19 21, 44787 Bochum
Website: Mercure Bochum
Phone: 00492349690

Courtyard by Marriott Bochum

Courtyard by Marriott Bochum Stadtparkis a very luxurious 4-star hotel found in the beautiful city park in Bochum. From this hotel, you can also easily reach the city center of Bochum if you want to see what the beautiful city has to offer. If you would prefer to stay in the hotel, then you have more than enough options. Check out the fitness area, such as sauna and treadmills, or wine and dine the girl of your choice in the hotel’s restaurant, Green Olive. There is also a bar if you fancy having a drink with a beautiful GFE escort before you head upstairs for a bit of fun.

Address: Klinikstraße 43-45, 44791 Bochum
Website: Marriott Bochum
Phone: 004923461000

Do you know what girls like the most? Intelligent men. Men who know their art. If that’s you, then you need to take your elegant escort to a museum. The girl of your choice will make sure she dresses accordingly to fit in. So expect her to wear a beautiful, sleek dress to match the arty style of the museum. For ideas on museums, here are a few:

Kunstmuseum Bochum

The Kunstmuseum is an art museum found in Bochum with a variety of exciting art exhibitions. It is the perfect place for all art-lovers to go to and admire some pretty fantastic work. Our escorts are delighted to accompany you in a sleek and elegant dress while having an intellectual conversation with you about the pieces you see. Why not go for a drink afterward to talk in great detail about your favorite paintings and sculptures? Our open-minded escorts would love to do that with you!

Address: Kortumstraße 147, 44787 Bochum
Website: Kunstmuseum Bochum
Phone: 00492349104230

German Mining Museum Bochum

If you are less interested in art and more interested in the industry, you should go to the German Mining Museum. Here, you can find out all about archaeology, the history of mountain mining, and much more. It’s perhaps not everybody’s favorite topic. Our East-European escort girls are ready to pay attention to anything that piques your interest.

Address: Am Bergbaumuseum 28, 44791 Bochum
Website: Mining Museum Bochum
Phone: 004923458770

What’s more romantic than a date at the cinema? It’s a great way to have a topic to talk about if you go for a meal afterward. Be careful to choose the right film. Or you could ask your beautiful redhead escort to choose the movie. That will make her very happy!

Metropolis Filmtheater Bochum

For cinemas in Bochum, we recommend Metropolis Filmtheater. Not only is this place a cinema, but it’s also a theater. You can find it right next to the central train station in Bochum. That’s very practical for those who are traveling to and from Bochum by train. Here you can enjoy a variety of different shows, accompanied by a BBW escort from our agency. There are always various events on, so we recommend that you take a look at their website in advance of going to see what is on the night you want to go. You can watch the latest blockbuster films at the cinema, or go and watch a play or musical concert. There is undoubtedly something for everyone!

Address: Kurt-Schumacher-Platz 13, 44787 Bochum
Website: Metropolis Bochum
Phone: 004923412263

Perhaps you would rather spend some quality time outside, especially if you are visiting Bochum in the summer months? That is not a problem at all! Our escorts are happy to go on an adventure to discover the great outdoors with you. We have a couple of recommendations of what you can both get up to:

Stadtpark Bochum

The Stadtpark Bochum, or in English “city park Bochum” is the second oldest communal landscape garden in the Ruhrgebiet area of Germany. The area is expansive and is perfect for a long walk in any month, but especially in spring and summer. In total, the park is over 300,000 meters square large. For those nature lovers out there, there are a variety of fascinating types of trees. There are also art sculptures and a lake. In winter, the lake freezes over. You can go ice skating on it, with a petite escort girl right by your side. So it’s safe to say that the Stadtpark Bochum is a brilliant place to spend the entire day with one of our gorgeous escorts!

Address: Kurt-Schumacher-Platz 13, 44787 Bochum

The Tierpark Bochum

The Tierpark und Fossilium Bochum is a brilliant zoo with a fossil museum found right in the heart of it. The zoo is open all year round, with longer opening hours in summer and shorter opening hours in winter. You can see many different types of animals here, such as amphibians, birds, reptiles, and much more! We recommend that you check out their website or find out more at the zoo itself about specific events and shows taking place throughout the day. You can pick and choose as you wish and according to your and your curvy escort interests.

Address: Klinikstraße 49, 44791 Bochum
Website: Tierpark Bochum
Phone: 0049234950290

We didn’t put this right at the top because it’s probably apparent. But still, maybe you don’t know much about Bochum. So here are some of our suggestions for restaurants. Perfect for a romantic meal with a gorgeous tall escort.

Bratwursthaus Bochum

If you want something more traditional and want to try out German food, we have a good recommendation for you. It’s called Bratwursthaus, and you can probably guess what their specialty is! However, be aware that this is less romantic and more fast food. But that’s perfect if you want to grab a quick bite with your hot strapon girl before doing something else with her. Whatever that may be!

Address: Kortumstraße 18, 44787 Bochum
Website: Bratwursthaus Bochum
Phone: 004923492788433

Restaurant Waldhaus Bochum

If you’re looking for something more sit-down and take-your-time, then why not check out Restaurant Waldhaus? The rates are very varied, depending on what you choose. The main courses have an average price of 25 euros. But you could take something smaller such as a soup or treat yourself to something bigger like a fish plate. The wine list is also perfect. Why not get a bottle to share with your sexy roleplay escort?

Address: Am Bliestollen 44, 44797 Bochum
Website: Restaurant Waldhaus Bochum
Phone: 0049234475352

Sushi Takeshi Bochum

Maybe you want to sway away from traditional German food? Are you perhaps a fan of sushi? Then you need to check out the restaurant Takeshi. It’s open from Wednesday to Sunday, and you can either eat in or take away. That’s a good idea if you would rather have some tranquil moments with your Latina escort in your hotel room. And don’t they say that seafood is a great aphrodisiac? Maybe you should check that out.

Address: Theoderichstraße 27, 44803 Bochum
Website: Takeshi Bochum
Phone: 00492346049470

We all know that women like to be pampered, especially at shopping. And spoiled they should be! When you have chosen your beautiful anal escort, why not consider taking her shopping? She will be happy to accompany you through all the fashion stores. And she will want to treat you back in another way if you’re lucky! Bochum is indeed a little on the smaller side. But if you are looking for a great place to go and spend an afternoon, then we have one recommendation:

Ruhr Park Bochum

Ruhr Park has a fantastic variety of shops, cafés, and restaurants. As we said above, it’s perfect for a day trip or afternoon trip with a sexy Russian escort! You can reach it via bus, so you don’t need a car if you don’t have one. Here, you will find over 120 shops, 30 places to eat and drink and there is even a cinema. What more do you want for a perfect little outing with your gorgeous escort girl?

Address: Am Einkaufszentrum 1, 44791 Bochum
Website: Ruhr Park Bochum
Phone: 00492345792792

Sometimes it’s nice to go for a coffee or tea and enjoy the sun shining for you. What makes such a place even more beautiful is having a sexy mature escort next to you. There are plenty of quaint cafés in Bochum. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Roest Art Café Bochum

The Roest Art Café is quite small but beautiful. Located near Bochum’s town hall, the café has some pretty delicious varieties of coffee. It’s not just pure filter coffee that you’ll find here. Why not try a Brasil Sao Silvestre? Or an Indian Monsooned Malabar? This location is the perfect place where you can talk about eroticism with a verbal erotic escort from our agency!

Address: Grabenstraße 1-3, 44787 Bochum
Website: Roest Art Café
Phone: 004917620836633

Café Ferdinand Bochum

Another suggestion of ours is Café Ferdinand. As it is located right near the central train station, the place it’s centrally located. You can even have breakfast here, and there are both vegetarian and even vegan options. The breakfast options are particularly varied. You can either choose a pre-made option or make your own. Otherwise, treat yourself to some fruit, soups, baguettes, and more. All perfect next to a horny escort girl during your lunch break from work or before you start work for the day.

Address: Ferdinandstraße 44, 44789 Bochum
Website: Cafe Ferdinand
Phone: 0049234301401

Bochum is home to the famous Ruhrstadion. It is also known as Vonovia Ruhrstadion because of a sponsorship deal. The stadium can hold around 29,000 people, and they opened back in 1911. So it’s not huge, but it’s certainly big enough to create a fantastic atmosphere when you go and see a football match.

The local football team is VfL Bochum. Founded in 1848, the team is currently in 2—Bundesliga in German football. But keep an eye on the scores because you never know! What’s more, you can get to the stadium pretty quickly without a car. You can take the underground line 308 or 318 from the central train station, and you’ll be there in only a few minutes. So its location is excellent! It’s not far if your beautiful footjob escort is coming from outside of Bochum, and she is traveling to the train station.

Address: Castroper Str. 145, 44791 Bochum
Website: VfL Bochum 1848
Phone: 0049234951848

If you are slightly cultured, you may wish to visit the local theatre. Some great pieces are playing here in Bochum. Read above about the METROPOLIS Filmtheater, which is both a cinema and a theater.

Schauspielhaus Bochum

There is also another place we recommend: The Schauspielhaus. This place has a crazy variety of shows. We recommend that you look online first at what is playing when you are in Bochum. Their website is also available in English if you can’t speak German. Your romantic escort will be pleased to accompany you to the theatre. Perhaps afterward, you could go for a coffee or dinner and discuss your thoughts on the play? For restaurant and café ideas, have a look above.

Address: Königsallee 15, 44789 Bochum
Website: Schauspielhaus Bochum 1848
Phone: 004923433335555



You can pay by cash if that is easier for you. If that is what you would like to do, then pay the slim escort you choose within the first 5 minutes of the date and then get ready for the time of your life! Just let us know when you book that you would like to pay by cash on the date itself. Our escorts accept payments in either euros or American dollars. If you would like to pay in any other currency, then please ask in advance if this is possible. But we recommend paying in either euros or American dollars.

Credit card

For paying for your hot date with a beautiful blonde escort, we also accept credit card payments. If you would like to pay by credit card, then just let us know when you book your date. It is important to note that all credit card payments are subject to a surcharge of 10%-15%. In such cases, there is a chance that we will need some form of proof of identification from you. An example would be a passport. So please make sure you have evidence of ID ready. It is also possible for you to pay with a credit or debit card online. If you would like to do that, we will send you a link either by email or text message, which you can then use to make the payment with your card.

Bank transfer

We also accept bank transfer payments in advance of any dates. As discretion is essential to us, we do not write the name of our agency on any bill. So if anybody were to look at your bank statements, they wouldn’t see that you made a payment to our escort agency. We will remain anonymous. So you don’t need to worry!

If you are worried about anybody finding out about your erotic adventure with a hot brunette escort girl, then our agency is the best choice for you. That’s because we understand and tackle this problem. If you want an escort girl to visit you in your hotel, then she will not speak to any of the hotel staff to not let anyone know why she is there. If the escort is visiting you at your home or office, then she will park her car around the corner out of sight.

Furthermore, if she comes to you by taxi, then she will get out of the cab away from the property. That way, no curious neighbors will know about the erotic adventure the two of you are about to have! So if somebody finding out about your escort adventure is one of your worries, then book a pornstar escort with us to make sure that doesn’t happen!

To book the escort of your choice, call us on the following number: 004915259476665. You can also send us an email, but for same-day appointments, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us by phone so that we can get your date confirmed as soon as possible without any delays that emails sometimes cause. You can call us between 11 am-3 am from Monday to Saturday, and between 11 am-1 am on Sunday. Our friendly team can speak English, German, Russian, Spanish, and Italian. They are happy to help you with choosing an Owo escort who will suit your needs, as well as give you recommendations on hotels and other things in Bochum.

Now you should have a good idea about what you can get up to with the escort of your dreams. That is regardless of whether that is just staying in your hotel room or exploring Bochum. Now all you need to do is choose a bisexual escort with whom you would like to spend some sweet time! Once you have made that decision, or, of course, if you need some advice on which escort is the best choice for you, then give us a call or send us an email. Still, we recommend calling us if you are eager and want to book one of our beautiful escorts today!