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Our Cologne tips for a relaxed city trip on the Rhine

After our days in Düsseldorf, we made our way to Cologne. Both of us have been to the city before. So we both had a rough idea of what to expect there. We spent two nights in Cologne and discovered the town comfortably on foot. Welcome to the oldest city in Germany! There’s not only something going on here at fool’s time. We’ll tell you our Cologne tips for a relaxed city trip on the Rhine. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

The young creative people have designer shops, cafés, offices, currywurst stands, and hip restaurants here. It’s just a colourful mix of everything, while this quarter exudes a cool, modern and urban flair. Here you can just let yourself drift for several hours.

You enter the hostel through a super cool cafe on the ground floor. Here you can get snacks, drinks and coffee. In the evening it is a popular meeting place for people from the area. The furnishings in the café and hostel are reminiscent of the 1950s, just like at great-grandma’s home—everything with style, an idea and attention to detail. In the café, there is even a converted VW bus, where you can also sit comfortably in it. The individual rooms at the top of the hostel have all been designed and furnished very differently. For example, there is the colourful and shimmering Cube Room or the magnificent Amber Room.

Beat booth, tiki hut, country house room & Co

Other rooms are called 60s beat booths, exotic tiki huts, romantic country houses or curious circus rooms. In the shared lounge, you get a vegetarian breakfast in the morning for only 5€ per person, which is something to be proud of. Coffee, tea and water are available 24 hours a day for free. The showers and toilets were always clean, and the atmosphere in the hostel was always relaxed and chilled.

We were in the shimmering Cube Room. In this double room, there is a controllable light installation. With this coloured cube wall, you can change the colours using the remote control. Cool! On another wall, we were even allowed to scribble with pens – almost like we used to in our children’s room. It’s best to call the hostel before booking and ask which of the relaxed rooms are still available. The shared apartment also has cheaper and cool multi-bed rooms. Double rooms are available from €59 per night, depending on the travel period, and multi-bed rooms from €23 per person. Here’s how to book.

The famous crane houses at Rheinauhafen

Now our little exploration tour should finally start. We took the tram in the direction of the port and got off at the “Ubierring” stop. Here at the Rheinauhafen are the well-known crane houses, which are not only used for working but also living. The three crane houses are a good 60 meters high and can be seen from afar.

Im Kranhaus 1 und Kranhaus Süd befinden sich vor allem Büroräume, im Kranhaus Nord hingegen 135 luxuriöse Eigentumswohnungen. Der Ausblick aus so einer Wohnung muss schon ziemlich cool sein. Die Lage, die Architektur und Einzigartigkeit haben aber auch ihren Preis. Wir haben mal gelesen, dass sogar Lukas Podolski dort ein Penthouse besitzt. Nicht schlecht Herr Podolski!

The Chocolate Museum in Cologne

The visit wasn’t planned, but we made a short stop as we passed. I can’t say no to chocolate anyway. In the old customs building of the Rheinauhafen, you can get information about the cocoa bean’s history, cultivation and harvest.

You can be inspired by a vast selection of chocolate and pralines in the chocolate shop. There are significant chocolate variations here. Of course, one or the other bar ended up in the shopping basket—admission to the museum costs €11.50 for adults and €7.50 for children and schoolchildren. Children under the age of 6 can enter the museum for free. You can find more information about this on the homepage of the Chocolate Museum.

Hohenzollern Bridge and lots of love

Our tour continued along the harbour to the Hohenzollern Bridge. Is there probably hardly a photo of Cologne that doesn’t have this bridge on it? You have a beautiful view of the cathedral, the Rhine and the shore. And what immediately catches your eye are the thousands of love locks. It is a tradition and almost a custom to immortalize yourself as a couple in love with a lock. You then throw the key into the Rhine together.

Cologne Tips – View from the Köln Triangel Panorama

On the other side of the bridge is another highlight – the KölnTriangelPanorama Tower. The elevator takes you up to 100 meters at 4 meters per second. You have a fantastic view of the city, the Rhine, the cathedral and the surrounding area. Presumably, the typical Cologne pictures with the Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge as the central motif are always created here. Entry costs only €3 per person and is worth it!

Excursion to the RTL Studios

With our buddy in tow, we headed to RTL Studios, where his girlfriend works. He just wanted to pick something up and bang. We were right in the middle of it instead of just being there. His girlfriend took us through a few studios and showed us various locations with huge cameras, green rooms and colourful props.

A wide variety of programs ran on what felt like thousands of screens. Among other things, “Guten Morgen Deutschland” is filmed and broadcasts lives and news from the channel n-TV. So there you are, just sipping your coffee and the next moment, you’re just behind the scenes of RTL – a crazy trip to Germany!

Recreation in the Rheinpark & the Cologne cable car

Our buddy told us that there were a lot of green parrots in Cologne. While strolling through the Rheinpark, we even saw some of them flapping around. We also liked this park, as many beautiful, colourful flowers were blooming. And you know me, I have to photograph flowers all the time – I don’t know exactly why. We would have liked to have looked at the botanical garden, the university meadows, the rose garden, the Volksgarten and the Melaten cemetery, but we’ll make up for it next time.

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