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Located just to the west of the river Rhine, Krefeld is a beautiful small town. Sometimes it is referred to as Crefeld in English. Krefeld boasts a fascinating history. The first mention of Krefeld was in 1105, when it was called Krinvelde. But enough about the past! You’re visiting Krefeld in the present, either as a tourist or for work purposes. So what can you do there today or this weekend? There are a few points of interest for newcomers. For example, Krefeld has a beautiful zoo. Another example is the fascinating German Textile Museum. The latter may sound uninteresting, but we say try it out. You can find out more about these things and much more below.

But we are going to take a good guess about why you are on this website. You are looking for a beautiful escort girl to spend some time in the city of Krefeld. Are we right? Well, don’t worry because you have come to the right place. You will find Krefeld in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. And that happens to have a vibrant escort scene. And you happen to have come across one of the best places to find the best escort models.

So if you’re looking for an escort girl to spend time with, continue reading to find out how to do this. You can also find a variety of ideas on what to do with a young escort model further down. Just in case you need some help being creative!

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All of our escort girls each have a unique webpage on this website, so you can go and have a look at more information about our beautiful models. Our escort girls have written a lot about themselves, from a little bit about themselves to information such as hair colour, height, favourite drink, and sexual preferences. So you can be sure when picking your busty escort that you choose a girl who perfectly fits your desires and needs. Each escort girl has also written her favourite perfume on her page. So why not buy her some in advance of the date to get things off to a good start? Your escort model will surely want to repay you in any way she possibly can.

Get yourself ready for a trip to a museum to see the latest exhibitions on the show! Be prepared for a delicious meal in a 5-star restaurant with a bottle of wine or two, or brace yourself for an exciting erotic massage behind closed doors and under the bed covers. Whatever it is you have in mind, our escort girls are ready to have some fun with you. And they can all adapt themselves to any situation.

If you want an escort girl to have an intellectual chat with over a film or some pieces of art, then our escorts are ready to be that girl for you. Or if you would rather have an open-minded escort girl with a good sense of humour with who you can have a good laugh over a bottle of wine, then you can rely on our Krefeld escorts to be exactly the girl you want. We have chosen escorts ready to adapt to any situation and can accompany you to any event. So do not hesitate to call our escort service now!

Every single one of our escort models cannot wait to give you the time of your life, regardless of what she has to do to achieve that. Whatever it is you fancy doing with one of our gorgeous escort girls, the girl you choose can come and meet you either in your hotel, or if you are in Krefeld for a short amount of time.

They can also come and visit you at a private property, such as your office or your home. When we have called you back to confirm the date, then the hot escort girl that you have chosen will eagerly make her way to you, wherever you are. She will be so eager that she will be with you within 30-60 minutes of us confirming the date, depending on where she is coming. So get yourself ready for some fun!

Info about offices and home visits

Our stunning escort models can visit you in your home if you are home alone and need a bit of fun. They can also visit you at your office to give you some stress relief after you have had a long and hard day at work. When you know which girl you want to provide you with a bit of pleasure, then ring us up and tell us her name and how long you want to spend with her.

We will also need to know the property of the address, the name written on the doorbell of the property, and a landline number. In cases where you don’t have a landline number, then we will also accept a copy of a utility bill, such as electricity or gas, of the property. Once we have called you back, which we will do via the landline number, we have confirmed your date. Within 30-60 minutes, you will have a sensual escort girl in your home or at your office who will be eager to have some fun with you. What type of fun you have is, of course, entirely up to you.

Info about the hotel visits

Our escorts can visit you in your hotel if you are staying in Krefeld only for a short period, such as for a business trip or any private reasons. Once you have chosen which curvy escort girl you want to visit you, call us and tell us her name and the length of time you want the date with her to last. We will also ask for the name of the hotel you are in and your room number and either your first name or surname.

Once we have confirmed the date, which we will do via a phone call to the phone in your hotel room, then you best get ready for a night of passion, because the escort girl you have chosen will make her way to you within 30-60 minutes will be right with you in your hotel room! If you would like some recommendations on hotels in Krefeld, then you can find some below.

The best ideas to spend your time with an escort from Krefeld!

So you think you already know which sexy escort girl you would like to book, but you’re not quite sure what you want to do with her? Then look no further. Below, we have put together some ideas and recommendations on where to go with your escort. Take a look!

The classic – take the escort girl of your dreams to a beautiful restaurant to really wow her. Sure, Krefeld has a lot of restaurants to offer. But we have picked out some of the best below.

Las Tapas Bar-Restaurant

Want to share some food with a Latina escort model? Then try out Las Tapas restaurant. As you can tell from the name, it’s a Spanish tapas bar. Tapas are a great way to get intimate with your escort girl. You can pick and choose the dishes you want to share. The prices are reasonable, so you don’t need to worry about an expensive bill at the end. Las Tapas is located very centrally in Krefeld, so there is a good chance that your hotel will be nearby. Perfect for a short walk back to your hotel after food! Oh, and make sure you try out some of the seafood tapas – they do say oysters are an aphrodisiac after all!

Address: Uerdinger Str. 280, 47800 Krefeld
Website: Las Tapas Krefeld
Phone: 004921513268167

ChrisPy Cooking Restaurant

Are you looking for something a bit posher? Then we highly recommend ChrisPy Cooking, an international restaurant that has recently also opened a new beer garden. That’s perfect for the summer months! Of course, with it being such a classy restaurant, the prices are quite high. But if you want to spoil your slim escort truly, then she will be eternally grateful and want to pay you back later on in your hotel room bed.

Address: Dießemer Str. 46, 47799 Krefeld
Website: ChrisPy Cooking Krefeld
Phone: 00491707069309

Restaurant Nordbahnhof Krefeld

New to Germany and want to try out some local delicacies? Then why not hit two birds with one stone and take your East European escort to a German restaurant! Our recommendation for this is Nordbahnhof Krefeld. From Schnitzels and white asparagus to fish and potatoes – you will find the German dish of your dreams here!

Address: Oranierring 91, 47798 Krefeld
Website: Nordbahnhof Krefeld
Phone: 0049215167444

Could it get more romantic? A film, popcorn, drink, and two lovebirds – a man and his VIP escort model. You should try to choose a romantic movie if you want to get your escort’s emotions running! That will help later on back in your hotel room if you take her back there. Here are a couple of cinemas in Krefeld:

CinemaxX Krefeld

At CinemaxX Krefeld, you can see all of the new films released, so you and your verbal erotic escort don’t feel left out. As the cinema is right near the central station, it means you don’t have far to go if you are travelling here by train. Furthermore, if you are staying in the Ibis budget hotel found right next to the central station, then you don’t have long to go if you both decide to continue the night after the film – and if this continuation requires a little bit of privacy behind closed doors. Just make sure you hang up the “Do not disturb” sign on your hotel room door!

Address: Am Hauptbahnhof 3, 47798 Krefeld
Website: CinemaxX Krefeld
Phone: 00494080806969

SWK Open-Air-Kino Krefeld

If you happen to be visiting Krefeld between mid-July and mid-August, you should check out the open-air cinema. It’s called SWK Open-Air-Kino, and in the summer months, you can come and watch films outside in the open air. That’s especially warming as the sun beams down on you and your gorgeous blonde escort as you enjoy the film together. And it’s something a little bit different from the standard cinema experience, so it will surely make your date very happy with your decision.

Address: An der Rennbahn 4, 47800 Krefeld
Website: SWK Open-Air-Kino
Phone: 00492151598453

If you are a cultured person, then why not use the time with your student escort to check out a museum or two? Here are a couple of examples of museums which you can visit.

Kaiser Wilhelm Museum & Haus Lange Haus Esters

If you are interested in art, then don’t miss out on the art museums. That’s right, museums plural! There are two in Krefeld: the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum and the Haus Lange Haus Esters. The first is on Joseph-Beuys-Platz 1, and the second is on Wilhelmshofallee 91-97. As with any ordinary art museum, the exhibitions change from time to time. Because of that, make sure you check out in advance what the display is. Unless you are a fan of surprises and want to see what it is when you get there. Whatever it is, your high-class escort will happily accompany and have intellectual conversations with you about the artwork you view together.

Address: Wilhelmshofallee 91-97, 47800 Krefeld
Website: Kunstmuseen Krefeld
Phone: 00492151975580

German Textile Museum

Believe it or not, there is a German Textile Museum in Krefeld. Perhaps a little bit random, but certainly worth checking out if that was something that would interest you. The museum boasts around 30,000 objects from all over the world and all periods, up until the present day. Quite overwhelming, that’s for sure. And it is fascinating and highly recommended, same as our MILF escort Lady.

Address: Andreasmarkt 8, 47809 Krefeld
Website: Museum Krefeld
Phone: 004921519469450

Zoo Garden Krefeld

If you want to go and some fascinating animals, then make your way to the Krefeld Zoo. It is the perfect place to go to if you are staying in the luxurious Mercure hotel, as it is close to the garden. At this fantastic Zoo, you can awe at the generous selection of animals on show, from meerkats and birds to gorillas and much more! You can easily spend a whole day with a submissive escort girl next to you and the sun shining down upon you.

Address: Uerdinger Str. 377, 47800 Krefeld
Website: Zoo Krefeld
Phone: 0049215195520

Sometimes it’s nice to get outside, not spend any money and walk around enjoying nature. That’s why this is one of our recommendations, particularly in the summer months. Then again, it might also be nice to have a walk around in the snow with your GFE escort by your side? There are a variety of parks dotted around Krefeld, but here are our recommendations:

Schönhausen Park Krefeld

Schönhausen Park is a lovely, small place found in the centre of Krefeld where you could go for a walk with your choice of an escort girl. Here you can eat ice cream or drink coffee. Perhaps you could even take a picnic with you to have a romantic lunch under the sun! Just don’t be shocked if you get some jealous looks as you share food with a petite escort girl.

The Stadtwald

The Stadtwald (city forest) is another possibility. As you can tell from the name, there are a lot of trees here, making the walk even more exciting and enjoyable. There is a famous beer park in the Stadtwald which is said to be the most beautiful beer garden in Germany due to the view. Maybe you should check out it with your girl to see what all the fuss is? Perhaps a beautiful sunset will get your big ass escort in the mood.

Just imagine, you’re in Krefeld for a work trip. Work was tough, colleagues annoying, and the meetings lengthy. It’s now time to chill, unwind, and enjoy your free evening. Now that you’ve chosen a beautiful redhead escort, maybe you want to relax with her? In that case, we can recommend going to a wellness spa so you can both chill with each other and let the stress flow away as you enjoy each other’s company. That’s where our recommendation comes in:

Salvea Wellness

Salvea wellness is an excellent choice that will leave you with an impressive opinion. Are you looking for a relaxing yoga course? Then Salvea wellness has something for you. How about a massage? Yep, you can find one here. Or do you perhaps want to share a romantic bath with your BBW escort? Then you can do that here too. It’s safe to say that Salvea wellness has everything you need to enjoy the time with your woman. We know for sure that your girl will be so excited when you tell her that you are going to spend some time in the spa. We are confident that she will want to repay you for your kindness!

Address: Westparkstraße 107, 47803 Krefeld
Website: Salvea Wellness Krefeld
Phone: 004921513609518

Body Mind Wellness

If you want to go for a day at the spa but want to keep it short and straightforward, there are also other places. For example, you could go to Body Mind Wellness. This place even has a happy hour for massages. Every day from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm. There are slight discounts on a variety of massages, so your treat to your anal escort can also be affordable.

Address: Südwall 2-4, 47798 Krefeld
Website: Body Mind Wellness Krefeld
Phone: 004921513263078

Sometimes, just a simple drink in a bar is the perfect way to get the ball rolling between a man and a woman. The alcohol helps loosen both of you up. You have the opportunity to talk to each other in a relaxed environment with a drink in your hand. Here are some ideas on which bars to go to in Krefeld if that sounds like something you would like to do with the pretty escort you choose.

The Anjuna Bar

The Anjuna Bar is one of the top-rated in Krefeld – so we recommend that you make a reservation. There is a happy hour every day from 5 pm to 9 pm, and then again from 11 pm to 1 am. All cocktails are only 4.90 euros! They offer over 120 cocktails to choose from on the menu. That makes this bar a safe place to choose, as there is bound to be something that both you and your party girl will like. So nobody will be disappointed. Why not try out a few of the cocktails? That will get the juice flowing between you two.

Address: Mühlenstraße 36, 47798 Krefeld
Website: Anjuna Bar
Phone: 00492151621435

Limericks Irish Pub

Are you a fan of Irish pubs? Then you won’t be disappointed in Krefeld! Limericks is a trendy Irish pub found in the heart of Krefeld. They have a wide range of beers and wines, as well as non-alcohol drinks. What’s more, you can even order food here. The selection of food is small, but there is something on it for everyone. You will have some beautiful moments with your role-play escort if you invite her to this pub.

Address: Wiedenhofstraße 60, 47798 Krefeld
Website: Limericks Irish Pub
Phone: 0049215121104

If you are a fan of shisha, then Krefeld city will not disappoint you. Generally, due to Turkish influence, shisha bars are abundant in Germany. And Krefeld is no exception! Here are a couple of shisha bars in Krefeld that you could check out with your horny escort girl.

Nasibi Lounge 4Seven

Nasibi Lounge 4Seven is a long name, but don’t let that put you off. It has the most delicious shisha, and the atmosphere is friendly and calm. It’s perfect if you want to find a small corner with your mature escort and smoke some shisha together. There are a variety of flavours to choose from too. Don’t forget drinks – the Nasibi Lounge 4Seven has a good selection of beers and the like. The bar is open every day from 5 pm until 1 am, apart from Friday and Saturday nights when it’s open till 3 am.

Address: Sankt-Anton-Straße 17, 47799 Krefeld
Facebook Page: Nasibi Lounge

Devi Skyclub Krefeld

Another popular shisha bar in Krefeld is Devi Skyclub. Again, you can find some exotic flavors of shisha here – perfect to share with your hot escort. This shisha bar has a bit more of a disco feel to it. A premium range of shisha tobacco, as well as a menu with plenty of cocktails, creates a gorgeous atmosphere. The ideal place for a chilled out evening with an OWO escort from our Agency. You should better check it out if that sounds like something you would enjoy!

Address: Ostwall 24, 47798 Krefeld
Facebook Page: Devi Skyclub
Phone: 00491736804081

Are you too tired or unwilling to go out? Or after you have done one or many of the above, then you might consider asking your beautiful brunette escort girl to come to your room with you. But that raises the question: In which hotel do you stay? If you don’t know already and need some recommendations, then just read below.

Mercure Parkhotel Krefelder Hof

Mercure Parkhotel Krefelder Hof is the perfect hotel for you if you are looking to live a life of luxury during your stay in Krefeld. Found close to the Krefeld Zoo, the hotel screams luxury and expensive with its gorgeous privilege suits with double beds. You can also splash out and get VIP status, which gives you a large bathroom, including a bathrobe, mineral water, coffee and tea, and a newspaper. So if you are looking for a luxurious place which you can show off to the German girl of your dreams, then this hotel is the perfect choice for you! It even has an exquisite restaurant called La Brasserie, as well as a bar and conference room. You don’t need anything else when you choose to stay at Mercure Parkhotel Krefelder Hof!

Address: Uerdinger Str. 245, 47800 Krefeld
Website: Mercure Parkhotel Krefelder Hof
Phone: 004921515840

Ibis budget Hotel

Ibis budget Hotel

Perhaps you are looking for something a little on the cheaper side, in which case you could check out the Ibis budget Hotel Krefeld Messe. Located right next door to the Krefeld central station, this hotel is perfect if you are travelling to Krefeld by train. Plus, it is also great if you decide to choose one of the elegant girls who live outside of Krefeld and would come and travel to you by train. She wouldn’t have a long way to go once she arrives in Krefeld! As the name of the hotel suggests, it is also perfect for those who are attending the Messe – or exhibition fair – in Dusseldorf, as the hotel is just 25 minutes away by train to the centre of Dusseldorf, Northrhine-Westfalia’s capital.

Address: Hansastraße 28-30, 47799 Krefeld
Website: Ibis budget Hotel
Phone: 004921516289620


To pay for a date with a girl who likes to kiss, you can choose one of the following ways:

Cash payment

Many of our clients prefer to pay cash. If you are one of them, then please do this within the first 5 minutes after the arrival of the beautiful and romantic escort. Our escorts will accept payment in either Euros or American dollars. Just let us know in advance when you make the booking if you would like to pay by cash, and please ask us if you would like to pay in any other currencies.

Credit card payment

We accept credit card payments over the POS machine or online. If you want to pay through POS, you need to let us know when you call us to book your porn star escort. Please note that we will charge you an extra 10-15% surcharge when you pay by credit card. Please also have some form of ID as well, as we may ask for this. A passport or a driving license would be accepted. The name Escort Service Krefeld will not appear on your bank statement, but only on an anonymous transaction. That way, nobody needs to know what you have been spending your money on!

If you would like to pay by card online, then we can send you a link either by email or by text message. You can use that link to make the payment, just like any payment you make online.

Payment by bank transfer

We also happily accept bank transfers if you are booking a tall escort girl in advance. Just let us know when you book your date, and we will give you the bank details of the account you should make the payment.

It is a fact that it would be very embarrassing if anybody were to find out about the bisexual escort girl you have booked to visit you in your hotel, home, or office. But that is why our escorts know how to be discreet when they come to see you.

The strap-on girl of your choice will not speak to any of the hotel staff as she makes her way to you in your hotel room. And if you want her to visit you in your home or office, then she will know to park around the corner from the property so that no cheeky neighbours will be able to spy on you and see what you are doing.

If your Russian escort girl travels to you by taxi, she will also ask the taxi driver to pull up away from the property, so that nobody will see her getting out of the car right in front of your home or office. So worry less about anybody finding out, and worry more about how to use the time with your beautiful girl.

When you are ready to book the time of your life and have chosen your favorite striptease girl and have decided what you want to get up to with her, call us on 004915259476665 to get the hot date booked so we can confirm as soon as possible. It is also possible for you to make a booking via email, in which case you should send us an email.

If you have made the spontaneous decision to have an Asian escort girl visit you right now or later today, then call us so that we can confirm your booking quickly. Our phone line is open from 11 am to 3 pm every day, with slightly shorter hours on Sundays: 11 am to 1 am. Our team will be able to speak to you in one of many languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. They will also be happy to give you some advice on Krefeld and the surrounding areas. Once you have made the decision on which girl you want to spend some time with and how you want to spend that precious time with her, get in touch with us to get your date booked! Our escort girls can’t wait to meet you!