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The city of Oberhausen

Located between the larger cities of Duisburg and Essen, Oberhausen is a small and quaint town on the river Emscher in the Ruhr Area in the west of Germany. The population is just over 210,000 as of 2018. That means that the city is big enough to enjoy a weekend trip away there. Our Agency is happy to be the most representative of the young escorts from Oberhausen!

Oberhausen gets its name from its railway station, which got its name from the Oberhausen Castle. It slowly but surely became a bustling city in the mid-19th century when it had a big focus on coal mines and steel mills. It officially became a town in its own right in 1874.

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Escorts for hotel visits

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Our payment options

Cash payment

If you would like to pay by cash, either in euros or American dollars, then let us know when you book and make sure you pay the escort you choose within the first five minutes of the date. Then, you can relax and enjoy some sweet time with the beautiful slim escort model in Oberhausen! If you would like to pay by cash in any other currency, please ask us in advance if that is possible.

Credit card payment

You can also pay in advance by credit card online or by POS machine. Let us know when booking and make sure you also have some ID to prove that you are you. Please do take note that we charge the credit card payments with a 10%-15% surcharge. It is also possible for you to pay by credit or debit card online. In that case, we will send you a link via email or text message for you to use to carry out your payment. The word “escort” will not appear on your bank statement in any of these cases, so you needn’t worry about anybody finding out what you are getting up!

Bank transfer

Furthermore, we also accept advance payments via bank transfer. Please let us know if that is how you would like to pay when you book your dream tall escort girl in Oberhausen.

Contact Escort Service Oberhausen!

If you want to book an escort who likes to kiss in Oberhausen, then call us on the following number: 004915259476665. We are also happy to accept bookings via email. However, if you choose to book a companion for the same day, then we recommend you call us directly so that we can sort out and confirm your appointment as quickly as possible. We are available during the week, Monday-Saturday, from 11 am to 3 am. On Sundays, you can call us between 11 am to 1 am. Our team can also give you some tips on where to go or on hotels in Oberhausen if you ask. They can even speak English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

After you have read about what Oberhausen offers, you are ready to book an appointment with your dream deepthroat escort in Oberhausen. Of course, you also need to choose which escort you would like to spend some time with first! Once you have done that, give us a call to book the time of your life. You can also send us an email, but remember, we prefer direct calls if you want to book a date for the same day. Get ready for the time of your life!