Age 27
Languages German, English
Height 169 cm
Weight 54 kg
Measurements 90-60-90
Hair Colour Blonde
Eyes Colour Brown
Bra Size 75C
Dress Size 32
Cuisine Indian, Italian, Thai
Drinks Champagne
Flowers Lilies, Roses
Interests Musical, Museum, Ancient cultural history
Perfumes Issey Myake
Smoker No
Tattoo/Piercing No
Email bookings@dusseldorf-girls.de
Phone 004915259476665

Amazing Escort

About me

Hello gentleman! I am your amazing escort girl. I wish I could show you who I am, but let me first tell you that I am an intelligent, sweet, adventurer who adores the finer things (and people) in life. I grew up outside of Dusseldorf, and have a graduate degree (science-based) as of recently. I love good conversation and the good things that follow.

My most amazing moments have been one-on-one sharing mind and soul. This space truly allows me to be my best self, to give the most of myself, and benefit from your company. I already have a “job-job” so this truly is more of a pass time for me, and that’s what makes it fun! You are probably more perceptive than most, and you are here seeking something more.

I hope to we both leave energized, and I cannot be happy unless my counterpart is happy. As far my appearance, the compliments that I hear most often are my extremely soft skin, beautiful smile, and my radiant blue eyes. I have a charming face, as well as disposition, but believe me there is nothing pretentious about me (ok, other than the designer clothes, I am indeed a bit of a fashionista). I am also very attended to my environment, and want to add depth and warmth to the overall picture anywhere I go.

To begin with, as an amazing escort girl, I would like our meeting to take place under clear skies. We can drive to the edge of town and look at the stars. I really like long and deep conversations about life. I’m sure you’ll feel like you’ve known me for a lifetime.

Many of my friends say that I am a sociable and trustworthy person. After looking at the stars, we could go to my place or your place, where we can watch a movie, enjoying a bottle of French wine and popcorn. I’m sure you’d hold me in your arms if I was afraid to watch some parts of the horror movie.

My interests are adventures of kinds, when they include 1 on 1 time. I also love massages, documentaries, and good conversation. I am generally available any time, with 48 hour notice. With more advance notice, the chances are of course better of meeting. I prefer longer engagements upon first meet. If you want to date me, book me at the Escort Agency!

I am going to tell you about my fetish. The most common fetish is foot fetish. As an amazing escort girl, I always turned my head on the street for girls with long legs, a pair of endless heels or some interesting dresses. It’s the same with men. A good part of them are satisfied only with looking, undressing, while others need the respective objects while masturbating.

It is not for nothing that the Chinese women strangled their feet in extremely tight and uncomfortable shoes. For people who have this fetish, it is not excluded to find the fetish in the shape of the toe or feet. There are men who dream with open eyes that their girlfriend will wear 35 shoes or have extraordinarily well-defined toes.