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Erkrath City

Located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Erkrath is a quaint little town. With a small population of 45,000, you can’t expect a big, bustling city. But because of that, you can expect peace here. Erkrath is split into three parts: Erkrath, Hochdahl and Unterfeldhaus. It is located on the river Düssel to the east of Düsseldorf. Another bigger city nearby is Wuppertal, situated to the east of Erkrath. Erkrath itself dates back to the year 1148 when it was first mentioned.

If you find yourself in Erkrath, maybe you are here on business. Or you just wanted to escape city life. Whatever the reason, you have found the right place to book a young companion. Living in a small town can get lonely, so have a look at our gorgeous escorts. Every one of them will be happy to help you out and keep you company. And that means in any way that you want…

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Our hot escort girl can come and visit you either at your home, office or in your hotel room – tell us where you are, and our companion will make her way to you once the date has been confirmed. You can then decide what you get up to with your sexy companion. That could be staying in your hotel room for a bit of fun or heading out to a restaurant or somewhere else in the sunshine.

Escort Erkrath for Home and office visits

Wanting for our porn star escort girl to visit you after a tough day at work in your office? Or maybe you want her to come and see you and give you some entertainment in your flat? Then get in touch to get her booked as soon as possible – just in case the girl of your dreams gets booked by somebody else tonight! Send us an email or, preferably, call us directly and tell us the name of the escort girl you want to visit in your home or office, and also tell us how long she should spend with you. Let us also know the address of the property you are at and the name that your girl will find on the doorbell. To confirm the date, you will need to give us a landline number of the property you are at to use it to call you back. Once the date has been confirmed, your call-girl will be with you within 30-60 minutes! If you don’t have a landline number, send us a copy of one of the property’s recent utility bills. This can be an electricity bill or a gas bill, for example.

Escort Service Erkrath for hotel visits

Maybe you want a cheeky visit from a horny escort girl to your hotel room? If that’s the case, get in touch with us, as with the above private-style meetings. Then let us know her name and the length of time you are planning on spending with her. Obviously, we also need the name of the hotel and your room number, including your name. You will then receive a call on the phone in your hotel room, which will be us confirming your date, meaning your date will be with you within half an hour to an hour or us putting the phone down.
For hotel recommendations, please scroll down.

Things to do with a beautiful companion in Erkrath

Sure, maybe you know which escort girl you want to book. We have plenty of beautiful ones, so the choice might not be easy. But once you have finally made the decision, then comes the next question. Where will you take the girl, and what will you do with her?
We have put together some suggestions below. Feel free to browse through them and see if there is something that speaks out to you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Let’s start with the obvious one. Of course, you can ask a german escort girl to visit you in your hotel room. There you will have privacy. You can do whatever you want with her, and she will be happy to comply within reason. You need a good hotel for this choice, so here are some of our hotel suggestions for you if you need some help.

Arcadia Hotel Erkrath

Arcadia Hotel Erkrath can be found 10 kilometres away from the famous shopping street in Düsseldorf – Königsallee. So you can go shopping with your tall escort girl if you decide to stay at this hotel. Furthermore, each room that the hotel offers is spacious yet traditional. You will find free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minibars and desks in each room, so you are sorted for your stay if you choose this fantastic hotel. You could book one of our beautiful companions to accompany you to the hotel’s restaurant with a seasonal terrace. There is also a bar where you can have a drink or two before you head upstairs back to your room for a bit of fun. Or, if you are not quite finished for the night, take your couples escort girl to the wellness centre that includes a sauna, steam room and massage services. You really have everything you could need and more when you choose to stay in the Arcadia Hotel Erkrath!

Website: Arcadia Hotel Erkrath
Phone: 004921192750
Address: Neanderstraße 2, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Maps & Directions:

AKZENT Hotel Schildscheide

AKZENT Hotel Schildscheide is an excellent hotel for those who want to get away from huge, bustling cities. You can reach various tourist attractions near the hotel very quickly, such as the Neanderthal Museum (3.5 kilometres away) and the Benrath Castle (13 kilometres away). If you would rather stay put in the hotel and enjoy the atmosphere there, you can use the modern rooms with their flat-screen TVs, desks, and free Wi-Fi. For those winter nights with a slim escort girl by your side, you can check out the hotel’s glass-enclosed restaurant. There you can find a cosy fireplace and a bar, or you could make use of the indoor swimming pool or sauna. So AKZENT Hotel Schildscheide is a good idea for you if you want something a little calm, so you can focus more on having a good time with one of our gorgeous companions.

Website: AKZENT Hotel Schildscheide
Phone: 0049210413830
Address: Schildsheider Str. 47, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

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Erkrath is surrounding by stunning parks and forests. Because of that, why not go for a walk outside with your curvy escort girl? Here are some examples of places surrounding Erkrath.

Morper Park

Morper Park is a great place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. This place is wonderful in the summer. It’s a small place, but you can spend hours here laughing and chatting with your open-minded escort girl. One advantage of this place is that it has a free car park. So you don’t need to worry about getting there via public transport. What better way to get to know your role play escort girl than the refreshing sound of nature?

Website: Morper Park
Address: 14,, Düsseldorfer Str. 12, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Westliches Neandertal

To the east of Erkrath, you can find the Westliches Neandertal. This is a small valley of the river Düssel. It’s an absolutely stunning place where it is said the Neanderthals spent time. And with the beauty of the place, it’s really not surprising why they chose here! Take your milf escort girl here to spend some time with her in nature.

Website: Westliches Neandertal
Address: 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Maps & Directions:

And let’s not forget the River Düssel itself. What better way to enjoy a fresh breeze along the river than with a horny escort girl walking by your side?

It’s a German tradition to enjoy coffee and cake in the afternoon. Why not take up this tradition with your Russian escort girl? Here are some of our top suggestions for cafés in Erkrath:

The Bäckerei Terbuyken

The Bäckerei Terbuyken is a small but elegant café. It is located near to the train station. So it’s a good choice if your escort girl is coming by train to Erkrath to visit you. The selection of cakes is excellent and is nicely complemented by a tasty coffee. Your east european escort girl will happily give you some cake recommendations if you don’t know the German cake culture too much!

Website: The Bäckerei Terbuyken
Phone: 00492119008668
Address: Ludenberger Str. 14, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Neander Café

Our second recommendation is the Neander Café. This place is loved by many locals as can be seen by the positive reviews online. They are famous not only for their delicious choice of food and drink. But they also offer events for special occasions. For example, they have events for particular football games. Another example is the “Dance into May” tradition of Germany. So this place is a great place to go if you want to have something exciting with your petite escort girl

Website: Neander Café
Phone: 004921122951029
Address: Kreuzstraße 27, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Maps & Directions:

You could always take it a step further and go for a nice, romantic dinner for two. It would also be a great way to find out more about the local cuisine potentially. Of course, there are other types of restaurants other than German in Erkrath. Here are some of our top picks.

Erkrather Hof

If you’re looking for classic German food, then check out Erkrather Hof. Here you can find both German and Croatian cuisine, just in case you want to try something completely new. As for German food, try out one of their many different types of schnitzel. You could have the classic Wiener schnitzel. Or be exotic and try one with a fried egg or with mushroom cream sauce. Delicious! For vegetarians, there is a generous vegetable plate with things like broccoli and asparagus.

Website: Erkrather Hof
Phone: 0049211245830
Address: Neanderstraße 59, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Gaststätte Kupferkanne

Love Greek food? Then check out the Gaststätte Kupferkanne. They have the most delicious gyros (Greek meat) served with fries, rice and salad. They also serve succulent steaks and tasty schnitzels. It’s safe to say that you will find something you want to try here. And your ebony escort girl will find something to eat, too. Maybe a delicious salad? Or something from the fish menu? Whatever you decide, choose the perfect wine to accompany food and enjoy it. Guten Appetit!

Website: Gaststätte Kupferkanne
Phone: 0049210445455
Address: Brechtstraße 12, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Taj India

How about a good curry? Taj India is a great place to try out some authentic Indian food. It even has a takeaway service if you want to eat in your hotel room with your gangbang escort girl. Types of curry include tikka masala and spicy hot vindaloo. From fish and chicken to lamb and duck. Why not share a starter to break the ice with your beautiful escort model?

Website: Taj India
Phone: 004921122017444
Address: Bahnstraße 42, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Above, you maybe read about the nearby Neandertal. You can go for a walk there and enjoy nature. But did you know that there is also a museum about the Neanderthals?

Neanderthal Museum

It’s called the Neanderthal Museum. It is technically based in the nearby town of Mettmann. It costs 11€ to enter and is open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10 am till 6 pm. Here you can discover the most exciting exhibitions. They also have a display that is often changed. Because of that, we recommend that you look online first to find out what is currently being shown. Or you could also rock up on the day and be in for a surprise.

Phone: 0049210497970
Address: Talstraße 300, 40822 Mettmann, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Whenever you decide to go, all of our escort girls will be happy to accompany you. They are very interested in men interested in culture. So why not sure of your intellect by suggesting the museum?


Erkrath is home to the Neanderbad. That’s a huge swimming pool area with both indoor and outdoor sections. It’s open every day from around 8 am till 8 pm apart from on Mondays. The times change every day so take a look online regarding the specific day you wish to go. Entry costs 4.20€ for adults for two-and-a-half hours. You can also buy a day ticket for 6,20€ if you want to spend a long time there.

Website: Neanderbad
Phone: 00492104810081
Address: Hochdahler Str. 145, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Maps & Directions:

Please make sure you tell us in advance that you want to go to the swimming baths. Then we will tell the big ass escort girl to bring a hot, sleek swimming costume. People won’t be able to keep their eyes off her! But do you know what the best thing about that will be? You will know that she is your escort model. And hey, maybe you will see more skin later in your hotel room? That’s your choice, of course. Have a good think about that!

Checking out a nearby city will open your opportunities. We understand that Erkrath is quite small. So if you want to check out the bustling life for a change of scenery, then here are two suggestions for you.

You can visit Düsseldorf which is a massive city near Erkrath. In fact, it takes just 10 minutes to get there by train. As with any big city, Düsseldorf is bustling with people and things to do. You should visit the famous shopping street called Königsallee. It’s pretty beautiful!

About 20 minutes away by train is Wuppertal. Wuppertal is famous for its overhead railway. That’s something we would recommend to check out when you go there!

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We want you to know that we take discretion and privacy very seriously. When you have our elegant escort girl visiting you in your hotel room, she won’t chat with anybody on her way there. That includes both hotel staff and anybody else she may come across on her way to you in her room. And when it comes to private visits, she will park away from your property or ask the taxi driver to park away from the property so that she will not draw any attention to herself as she hesitantly heads to your home or office. If you choose to pay for our Escort Services by card, then the name of our Escort Agency will not appear anywhere on your bank statement. That way, nobody can see what you spent your money during your time in Erkrath. Therefore, when you book a beautiful escort girl with us, you can be sure that you do not need to worry about anybody finding out!

You can pay for your dream date in a variety of ways with us. One common method is paying by card either on the phone with us or online. If you want to pay by card, just tell us when you call, and we can carry out the transaction with you step-by-step. In this case, we kindly ask that you have some form of ID with you, such as a passport or driving license, as we may need to ask for this to prove that you are you and you are paying with your own card. If you want to pay by card online, you will receive a link to the appropriate website to carry out the transaction. You may also pay by cash. This transaction will take place on the date itself. We kindly ask that you make the payment to the escort girl, either in euros or American dollars, during the first five minutes of the date. When booking your date, please make us aware that you wish to pay by cash, particularly if you want to pay in any other currency. We also accept bank transfers in cases of booking dates in advance. We can give you all the necessary bank details if you ask.

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Our team can speak English, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian, so they will be able to talk to you in your preferred language. They can give you hotel recommendations, advice on what to do with your chosen girl in Erkrath, or even give you advice on which girl to choose. Just ask, and they will be happy to help! Know where you are going to be in Erkrath? Know which escort girl you are going to pick to spend some time with? Know how you are going to spend that time? Well then, what are you waiting for?! Get in touch with us now to book your high-class escort girl for a dream date.