Age 28
Languages German, English
Height 170 cm
Weight 62
Measurements 90-60-90
Hair Colour Black
Eyes Colour Brown
Bra Size 75 C
Dress Size 6
Cuisine Asian, Italian
Drinks Champagne, Wine
Flowers Roses
Interests Fitness, Traveling
Perfumes Chanel, Hermes
Smoker No
Tattoo/Piercing No
Email bookings@dusseldorf-girls.de
Phone 004915259476665

Awesome Escort

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Scarlett, your awesome escort girl who works with the best Escort Agency in Germany. As far as my physical appearance is concerned, I am an attractive woman with brown and curly hair that falls in wide locks on my shoulders. I have a small and beautiful nose and big black eyes that reflect my emotions and are sometimes considered expressive and captivating. My lips are appetizing and big, but that doesn’t stop me from being attentive and patient with those around me.

My personality is characterized by friendship and openness, I am a sociable awesome escort girl and always ready to go out with friends in the city and have fun. I like meeting new people and discovering new things, and this always makes me excited and curious. I am an empathetic person, who always wants to help and get involved in the problems of those around me.

In my free time, I love to cook and experiment with new recipes, especially traditional dishes, which were passed down to me by my grandmother. Thus, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, trying to prepare delicious dishes for my friends and family.

My hobbies

Volunteering is one of my biggest hobbies, and I think that says a lot about me as a awesome escort girl. I like to help people and make a difference in my community. I was involved in various social projects, including the organization of charity events and mentoring programs for children and young people.

In conclusion, I am an attractive awesome escort girl, with beautiful features and a friendly and open personality. I like to get involved in activities that help and bring joy to those around me and meet new people and discover new things.

My favorite travel destination

I will be happy to tell you about my favourite travel destination, which is Ireland. This country has a rich and unique history and culture, which fascinates an awesome escort girl and always attracts me to visit it again and again.

During my travels in Ireland, I had the opportunity to explore many cities and regions in the country, such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, Donegal and many others. Each region has its charm and personality, and that made me always feel captivated and interested in discovering more

One of the most beautiful experiences I had in Ireland was visiting Blarney Castle in Cork. As an awesome escort girl, here, I had the opportunity to jump behind the castle and kiss the Blarney stone, which is said to give you the ability to speak fluently and eloquently. I also had the opportunity to take a nice walk through the castle’s beautiful gardens, with colourful flowers and a relaxing and picturesque atmosphere.

I also had the opportunity to visit the city of Dublin, where I discovered a multitude of tourist attractions, including the National History Museum of Ireland, which is a wonderful place to learn more about the history and culture of this country.
Apart from the cities and tourist attractions, I had the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Ireland, such as the Cliffs of Moher, which is an impressive rock, located on the west coast of the country, and offers a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.