The relationship dilemma from Cologne city

Cologne, 8 p.m. I was visiting Anni at the weekend. We walked discreetly hungover through their neighbourhood, and my mood was semi-good. However, we had a lovely evening with great people. I felt like I was dancing again after years. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel happy because about a month ago, I met a hilarious guy […]

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Our relationship was different in pandemics

In the meantime, it has become easier for unmarried couples to see each other again. But for families living across national borders, the situation is more difficult. “I don’t think that’s right,” says one of our escort girls. “Partners who have been together for only six months are allowed to enter, and my mother is […]

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Love, creativity and narcissism

To the narcissist I once loved Sad, stunned, clueless, in deep pain, and with so many questions you left me out of nowhere – this time you left for good. I was only able to admit this to myself many months later. Months of survival, working as an escort girl, clinging to the tiniest spark […]

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Exercises inspired by dance

You don’t have to lift weights or spend hours on the treadmill to get a well-worked body. Your workout doesn’t just have to be monotonous, and you can reinvent it and have fun with other types of exercise. Turn on the music and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm. Dancing is one of […]

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Tips for visiting Cologne from an escort girl

Would you like to discover Cologne off the beaten track? My recommendations and natural escort girl tips for a great weekend in Cologne! I lived in the cathedral city for twelve years, and I still come to hear often today. This article will tell you my best Cologne tips for the most beautiful districts, sights, […]

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A letter to my future lover

Sylvester. The second time without you. What sounds like the continuation of a sad story is almost a tradition. We met at the end of October 2020. We spent New Year’s Eve 2020 separately – wasn’t sure yet that we would celebrate together and after all, each of us also had an obligation to our […]

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