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Dior makeup brand and products

Our sexy escort girls love to use Dior products, let’s find more about this brand. Dior was a forerunner changing the codes of world beauty and elegance since its first launch with the 1947 collection. In 1949 it created its flagship lipstick, “Rouge Dior”, inspired by the fabrics used in its designs, thus becoming time, the Dior makeup icon, and long live everything red!

It is one of the most representative luxury houses of the last century in which elegance, luxury, glamour and color stand out, that is, a valid feminine reference. Always creativity and quality are a symbiosis.
In 2016, Dior celebrated 50 years in the world of cosmetics with the book “Dior: The Art of Color”. An unpublished book about the creative process and color interpretation of the three makeup directors of Dior makeup (Serge Lutens, Tyen and Peter Phillips).

Images are portrayed by renowned photographers such as Irvin Penn, Guy Bourdin, and Richard Burbridge, who create true works of art together with the best-known figures in the makeup world with 12 classic brand colours. That makes up each chapter (White, silver, nude, pink, red, violet, blue, green, yellow, gold, grey and black).

This book is fantastic for all of us who love the world of makeup, either as a collection book or as an inspiration book

The passion for avant-garde and unexpected tones are the main characteristics of many of the house’s products. The brand’s fashion creations mainly inspire them. Our escort girls love this wearing and using this brand!

The function of Dior makeup products is to highlight the beauty of women in their day to days. Therefore, the textures of the products must be comfortable to wear and apply. Some of them have been designed in addition to being a makeup product as a beauty treatment. An example is moisturizing lipsticks, volumizing glosses or blushes with sun protection.

Each season, they present exclusive makeup palettes with different designs that are faithful to Dior’s style and include shadows of all kinds with incredible colours.

Among all the Dior makeup products the firm has released since its inception in the world of cosmetics, here are the most outstanding.

Make-Up bases

The Dior Makeup Laboratories are experts above all in skin finishes and duration.

For escort girls who love full coverage in makeup funds, the best Dior makeup product is the “Forever Undercover by Diorskin” base. It is the ideal foundation for those passionate about full coverage, with a second-skin effect. Its formula is ultra-fluid, and its high concentration of pigments guarantees a total correction of skin imperfections, a new interpretation of camouflage, which is neither seen nor noticed—duration of 24 hours.
The best thing about this foundation is that it’s fresh and matte enough not to dull the face with the hue of the powder. From my point of view, this is the best, because the skin will always look much more glorious and without excess powder.

Available in 16 shades, from the lightest to the darkest. It is essential, especially for make-up artists; they can blend with all skin tones perfectly.

Another Dior makeup base that our escort girls use is the firm’s flagship product, also used by the escort girls from our Escort Agency, is the Dior backstage Face & Body Foundation, with buildable coverage and a luminous, natural finish for both face and body.

With this base, the advantage you have when working is that you can modulate it little by little according to the layers you overlap. The coverage is light if you apply a single layer either by hand, sponge or brush. With a second layer, what is done is that minor imperfections of the face are also corrected, achieving medium coverage, such as redness. With the third base layer, it is high perfection and total coverage. It is said that this Dior makeup foundation is the secret of house makeup artists to instantly create a complexion without imperfections and with a professional result because it is very buildable.

Resistant to water and heat, they are perfect makeup bases for summer.


Diorshow On Stage Liner is Dior makeup’s eyeliner that has become one of its iconic products. What makes this eyeliner the best is that it combines the firmness and flexibility of its applicator as if it were both a brush and a marker. Great pigmentation due to its ultra-pigmenting formula that is resistant to humidity and has three different effects: vinyl, matte and iridescent. Our escort girls favorite, ultra-gloss vinyl black, looks pretty cool to us to bring light to the eyeliners that we want to highlight with more cane. Necessary for the geeks of perfect eyeliners ;). The best is that there are 14 shades to choose from!


Pump´N´Volume is one of the most innovative Dior makeup mascaras in the house since its formula helps you to give an incredible effect to your eyelashes with an immediate XXL volume, false eyelashes effect. This is because, thanks to its new bi-material dispenser, it loads the brush with the correct amount of product to achieve immediate volume with just a couple of movements.

You have three colours: black, dark blue and brown.

Another Dior makeup mascara that has achieved great success has been the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara which defines, envelops and provides extreme volume to the entire row of lashes in a single pass for 24 hours. It’s ultra-precise curved brush intensifies the natural curve of the lashes. At the same time, its formula, enriched with cotton nectar, provides a dose of strengthening treatment to the lashes, leaving them softer, more flexible, and resistant daily. Four shades are available: black, blue, brown and silver flashes which you identify in Dior’s modern design because a faceted ring reveals the mask’s tone.


The most striking and iconic color of Dior makeup in a matte finish is Rouge Dior 999 Matte, a tone that should not be missing from a dressing table or cosmetic bag of an escort girl. It is characterized by being ultra-pigmented, by its long duration of up to 16 hours and by its comfort when wearing. But the main reason why it is the best lipstick is that its tone is universal. It is said that it is the red that looks good on all women regardless of the color of their skin, in addition to its high hydration for wearing in its formula natural ingredients:

-Red peony: hydration.

-Granada flower extract: flexible and soft lips.

-Shea butter: intense nutrition.

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