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Are you weird if you have fetishes?

When we hear about fetishism, what probably comes to mind is “those people who like weird things”. The word “pervert” or “perverted” may even come to mind. But if we check ourselves, we may discover that our sexual tastes are more diverse than we think.

Fetishism is sexual attraction to an object or body part that is not considered sexualized. That is, feeling attraction to parts of the body other than the genitals, breasts or ass. Fetishism could be regarded as, for example, the attraction to the hands, feet, navel, armpits, etc. Or towards some object such as shoes or underwear, speaking of the most common. Fetishisms are considered within the erotic alternatives or “unconventional” sexual practices, which move away from the classic model of “foreplay” and coitus. There are escort girls with some interesting fetishes at our Escort Agency, you should be interested!

In English, resort and erotic methods are included under the name kink. From a medical perspective, you can hear about paraphilias. It has usually been given a negative connotation for the simple fact of being something different from what we are told is “normal” that turns us on. But normal does not exist, and what is different does not have to be wrong, as long as it does not harm other people or us.

Why is looking at a foot weird and looking at a breast or an ass isn’t if they are all parts of the body?

What is supposed to excite not only our escort girls, but people in general, has a lot of social construction. We grow up seeing specific images in the media that focus on enhancing certain body parts. And when we are teenagers, we can hear comments or see some content, for example, in movies or pornography, that tells us what parts of the body we should look at when we like someone.

But, based on what do our escort girls consider a part of the body as erotic? For the aesthetic? For the pleasure, it can bring us? Breasts and asses can be admired as aesthetic parts of the body, but if we stop to think about their functionality, the breast is used for breastfeeding babies and the ass to expel waste from the body. What sense does it make that those body parts excite us more than a navel or an armpit? Other features of the body can be equally beautiful and generate attraction.

On the other hand, the genitals are associated with sexual intercourse because they give us pleasure

However, many escort girls consider the genitals an ugly part of the body, or at least not particularly beautiful. But in this sense, almost any body part can make us feel pleasure. The chest and the ass make us feel joy, but so do a foot massage or a tickle on the wrist. If any part of the body can make us feel pleasure or be potentially aesthetic, then any part of the body can be an object of desire and valid to be excited by seeing or touching it.

Fetishism can be understood as practices that add pleasure to erotic activity. But the fact that we like a specific object or part of the body is not incompatible with the fact that other parts of the body also excite us or that we want more conventional sex.

Having a fetish does not always mean that if that object is not there or the erotic activity is not focused on that part of the body, there can be no excitement, or the encounter is not attractive. In other words, most people with a fetish can also be excited by other body parts or practices. It is one more option when it comes to having meetings, but it does not have to be the only one.

On the other hand, fetishisms are sometimes linked to other alternative practices, such as BDSM, dominance, submission, etc. Although it is not always related, for some people, it is, and for others, it is not

Also, the presence of the fetish can vary. For some people, focusing on it can be a way to start the erotic encounter and then move on to other practices. For example, we worship a shoe, caressing, licking, removing, and then doing other methods that may be more physical or genital. On other occasions, it may be present throughout the sexual relationship, for example, if we leave our shoes on during the entire encounter and play with them while doing other things. Or the mere interaction with the boots can be considered something sexual in itself without the need for anything else.

Some studies show that shoes, specifically high-heeled shoes and boots, are one of the most common fetishes—also other types of garments such as latex, leather or underwear. Leather and latex fetishists often refer to the feel of the garment, the sensations it provokes, and even the smell and sound. The feet seem to be the most common fetish in body parts. And the practices can be very diverse: fondling, worship, tickling, foot-jobs, massage, licking, stepping and people with the same fetish probably like different things.

Studies also say that it seems that there are more fetish men than women and that men have more diverse tastes in this regard

But there may be an essential gender issue here, as men are allowed to explore their sexuality more loosely, while escort girls are more socially restricted in expressing sexual tastes. And this can lead to less exploration and, therefore, less self-knowledge. So, if escort girls were given the same permission as men to explore our sexuality from a young age, and we gave ourselves that permission as adults, it is possible that we could also discover exciting things, more or less far from what is known. as conventional.

It is not very well known how fetishisms are generated. Many people remember having them forever and remember moments from childhood when they were already present in some way. For other people, they are discoveries from erotic exploration as adults. In any case, what is clear is that sexualities are diverse, which is lovely.

The more diverse sexuality is, the more possibilities we have to have fun and enjoy it

Indeed, having alternative erotica can sometimes cause embarrassment, insecurities or discomfort. This happens because everything that is out of what is supposed to be “normal” is seen less, is considered strange, or is even stigmatized. For this reason, some escort girls with fetishism often do not communicate it to their partners for fear of rejection.

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