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Five reasons for the Eifel – Of geysers, volcanic craters and lava bombs

Our escort models are delighted to share another excellent travel reporter report with you today. This time it’s all about geysers, volcanic craters and lava bombs. Maybe you still remember Sofia’s wonderful information about Lofoten? Today Sofia takes us to the beautiful Eifel and tells us five excellent reasons you should visit this region. This year in particular (probably in the next), travelling in Germany has become more critical than ever. Travelling to foreign countries near and far is currently out of the question for many. Therefore we would like to introduce you to other wonderful corners of our beautiful home country Germany with this report today. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

Geysers, volcanic craters & lava bombs

From the parking lot, it is only a few meters until we are standing in front of a 120-ton, about a 6-meter-high lump of lava and look around inconspicuously to see if there is any further danger nearby. After all, we are standing in an area with approx. According to geoscientists, 240 volcanoes lie in a tectonic collapse zone and are currently more dormant than actually extinct. A June 2020 study shows an active body of magma at the boundary of Earth’s mantle crust. It is good to know this if you plan to visit this place with an escort model.

Inconspicuously puts his hand on the floor but pushes everything cool. The idea that this mighty rock was ejected from a volcano as a missile is scary. Unfortunately, the display board disillusioned us—no flying object. The lava bomb reached its remarkable size by rolling around in the crater, taking more and more lava with it, like moving a snowball through the snow.

Only 45 minutes drive away, you and your escort model can get on a ship and be taken to another spectacular natural spectacle: a geyser ejects a 60-meter high fountain every 2 hours! Terrific! Oh, did I mention where we are? Right, in Germany. Yikes – lava bomb and geyser in Germany? You read correctly. In a German low mountain range, you will find both. Although about the geyser, I must say that this is a cold water geyser – and the highest of its kind in the whole world! Our escort girls would like to pay a visit to this extraordinary site!

In contrast to the hot-water geysers of Iceland, New Zealand and the USA, whose principle of operation is based on the conversion of water into steam, the fuel for the cold-water geysers in the Middle Rhine Valley is carbon dioxide gas. But I digress. I just wanted to tell you exactly where we are, mainly because I will also tell you about volcanic craters, solidified magma and cinder cones in the following.

Welcome to the Eifel

A 5,300 km² large, spectacular area in Western Germany (Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia), which quite unjustly has the reputation of being a paradise for leisure hikers with an average age of over 70 years. The Eifel can do more! Above all, it can nature. But she can also do geology, and she can do picturesque villages, and of course, she can do Eifel thrillers. Roughly located in a geographical triangle between Koblenz, Aachen and Trier, many nature-loving city dwellers can also reach it quickly and easily. Book your escort model and come visit this unique location!

Five reasons to visit the Eifel

The answer was clear when they asked me if I would like to write something about my Eifel love. Yes, of course! But how can I bring my enthusiasm for this part of Germany closer to you? Here are my five reasons why you should go to the Eifel with an escort model:

1. You are looking for rest

The Eifel decelerates. It offers you a break from everyday life and invites you to walk through forests and meadows, past rivers and valleys and usually hardly meet anyone else. Even the drive on the gently rolling country roads with magnificent views of hills and forests, maars and rivers is an absolute pleasure that your escort model will appreciate.

2. You are into geotourism

Admit it: the headline “geysers, volcanic craters and lava bombs” appealed to you. Understandable! Because these are all natural phenomena that we know from other geographical contexts. Who would have thought that we could learn as much about volcanology in Germany as in the Eifel? And I don’t even mean that you have to go to one of the excellently prepared information centres (such as the Lava Dome in Mendig or the Vulkanpark information centre in Plaid). No, it is enough that you stumble over basalt columns during a hike or suddenly stand at the edge of a quarry in front of the petrified diary of the last volcanic eruption.

3. You want to be a damsel or a knight

Germany is a Burgenland: In almost every region, there are witnesses to the architecture of the Middle Ages, and with formerly more than 140 castles, the Eifel is one of the regions in the country with the most castles. Probably the most famous castle in the Eifel is Burg Eltz. It is beautiful, dating back to the 12th century and perched on a 70-meter-high rocky outcrop between the wooded hills above the valley with the Eltz river of the same name. And here is a recommendation for you: the castle is great, but the surrounding nature is just as great!

4. You want to lace up your hiking boots

Whether a beginner hiker or a hiking professional, the Eifel offers just the right program for every lace-up shoe. Impressive natural landscapes such as the beech and oak ancient forest in the Eifel National Park, the high moor areas of the Hohes Venn Nature Park, the mighty reservoirs in the NRW-Eifel, the maars in the Vulkaneifel Nature and Geopark, the fertile Bitburger Gutland with its meadow orchards and, and, and … The most famous hiking trail is perhaps the Eifelsteig – a premium hiking trail with a total length of 313 km. I’ve walked about 180 kilometres of this path, and I’m thrilled!

5. You like cute places and something special

Eiefeld villages have an extraordinary charm. The church in the middle of the town, the market square in front of it and all around it are houses and farmsteads, mostly in half-timbered construction, and some of them are protected from the cold winter winds by high hedges – just typical Eifel. There are also many rustic places for you and your escort model to stop for refreshments for hungry or thirsty hikers, bikers or trail riders. So it happens that you are offered a foot bath with homemade cake or tie up your bike next to the parking lot for horses. The Eifel surprises again and again! Go and have your own unique experiences!

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