Do you want your sexy escort girl and you to feel good together? Do you want to rekindle the spark between you and enjoy each other as much as possible? Well, erotic massage is the answer to your questions. It is less popular among couples, but the reason is that many people do not know what an erotic massage is. That is why you will find in this article a lot of information and advice about this “prelude” so exciting.

1. Erotic massage – what does it mean

The experience of an erotic massage offers satisfaction in 3 ways: physical, mental, and sexual. The latter may seem like the most crucial part, but this type of massage provides a state of absolute relaxation beyond the erotic part. Erotic massage is indeed a way to achieve complete well-being. More and more people forget how much tension is directly related to sexual frustration. In a classic massage, some areas are never stimulated, and the focus is on the significant sites that add stress and tension: the back and shoulders. On the other hand, erotic massage manages to release tension from the sexual areas, leaving your escort girl from our Escort Agency in a state of complete relaxation. You may think that the experience of an erotic massage is meant to lead you to the highest limits of pleasure. There is nothing wrong with this thinking, but you should know that this massage is also a test of control and patience. What does this thing mean? You have to give pleasure to your partner until he gets close to orgasm and then withdraws. This action is repeated whenever you want. All the “teasing” will end with the most intense experience you will ever have together.

2. How to do erotic massage

Erotic massage is certainly of particular importance in a couple’s intimate life. As their primary purpose, these sexual techniques release stress and tension accumulated over time to generate well-being. Orgasm is not necessarily considered the ultimate goal of such a massage, but it can also be integrated into sexual intercourse, helping to increase the sensations felt during it. Also, if you feel that your relationship with your partner has lost its original sparkle, an erotic massage can bring you closer again, helping you to rediscover each other.

Here are some techniques to give your partner the most intense moments

Before you begin, make sure that you have a home just for you or that you are in a place where no one will bother you. Erotic massage can start with both partners wearing their clothes, and slowly, they can disappear. The most important thing to keep in mind is to hurry up. If you feel like it’s time to start a sexual interaction, try to refrain. In this way, the moment and the emotions become stronger and stronger, and, in the end, this is also the purpose of the erotic massage: to incite the partners and make them “tease” in bed, without reaching orgasm.

Massage for two

This type of massage will be performed with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Usually, the masseur applies oils or lubricants to his body and the others. The action will turn into a hand-to-hand massage. Make sure you use as much fat as needed and that your skin is not dry. In this way, any movement and closeness will feel like a natural fusion of your bodies.

Intimate massage

Intimate massage is an excellent sexual stimulant, but it is recommended to be left at the end because the partners lose their patience to continue the foreplay and go straight to the point. As for the man, this type of massage offers new sensations and stimulates the penis. It includes the testicles, perineum, and external prostate. When it comes to women, the vagina is the target. It is often used to strengthen the comfort and self-confidence of a relationship. It is also suitable against sexual health issues, such as pain during penetration.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is inspired by Indian customs, combining sexual therapy and spiritual practices. Tantra places the most significant emphasis on the knowledge of absolute ecstasy. Thus, tantric massage focuses on the individual needs of both participants, pursuing sexual satisfaction.

To achieve a perfect massage you need to learn a few basic movements

Compression – place your palms on top of each other and gently rotate them in the area you want to massage;
Tap – make sure your palms are parallel to the massaged area, and your thumbs are close together. Now make long but gentle movements on the thighs, back, soles, neck, or palms;
Kneading – tighten the area you want to massage and release it after a few seconds;
Rubbing – is usually done in the hands, shoulders, and soles to relax the muscles.

One important thing to keep in mind during an erotic massage is how your partner feels. It is extremely important to have a dominant attitude and posture, sensual movements, and whisper the things you know he wants to hear in his ear. If you’re going to make the moment even more exciting, you can refuse him to touch you in certain erogenous zones until you decide that he is allowed. If you like the idea, you can use whips and whips, which will help you get a dominant position over your partner. Any kind of game is allowed, and here your imagination must work at its maximum parameters.

3. What erotic massage involves

To make sure that your partner has a genuinely fulfilling experience, you need to start the erotic massage at the right time and time and have all the necessary things that give him pleasure and encouragement.

You’ve probably wondered how an erotic massage works, but there’s no answer to that question. It can start and end the way you feel. First of all, the atmosphere is everything. Choose a quiet room, light a scented massage candle, play relaxing music, and try to feel comfortable together. Secondly, don’t forget about oils, lubricants, aphrodisiacs, or any love toys you would like to use. You will also need oil or lotion, which can have a dual function, such as aromatherapy. A great way to start a massage is to take your partner’s hand and rub the inside of your palm with your thumb. From there, you can turn your palm up and do the same for your wrists. The soothing technique will relax your partner and help you release tension so that you can move to other areas of your body. First, apply lotion or oil on your hands, then use long sliding movements to spread the heated oil on your partner’s body. Please don’t mistake greasing your boyfriend with cold oil, because he will feel uncomfortable. Also, pay attention to your shoulders. They are famous for the tension they accumulate daily.

Before you start the actual massage, you can do a little role-playing game in which you can wear the most exciting costumes or sexy lingerie. You can dance to him lasciviously, caress him or do a striptease and you will surely impress him. Once you’re done with this bit of introduction, you can move on to erotic massage, which should be a long and exciting prelude for both of you. To make sure you arouse him, catch him using sex toys. Every man loves to use anal toys or dildos with his girlfriend because it gives them the feeling of domination. You can also use erotic games and make your own rules. Handcuffs are a kinky element that should not be missing from your bedroom. The game’s object is to run out of clothes to start the massage.

4. Why is the erotic massage important in a relationship

Sometimes, getting a nice and long massage from your partner, as well as offering one, can feel better than the sexual act itself. Fortunately, you can have both. This action is not only an act of love but also a supreme prelude. Using touch, lighting candles, and anointing your lover with oil, a massage becomes hugely erotic.

First of all, sex is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and whether you already know it or not, it will help you build your trust in your partner. One thing for sure is that it will relax the atmosphere between you and get over the accumulated tensions more easily. Second, whether you’re just starting or having a long-term relationship, you should never stop rediscovering each other. This is precisely what erotic massage is all about knowing your boyfriend and self-knowledge. An exciting intro cannot be made if only one of the partners enjoys the moment.

Also, sexual tastes change over time, and it’s only natural that certain things you enjoyed, in the beginning, may no longer be a point of interest now. That is why erotic massage also consists of communication. Especially if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can ask your partner where he wants to be touched and if he likes what he feels. What happens during an erotic massage is up to you. If you know that your boyfriend or girlfriend has specific fetishes, it is time to fulfill his pleasures. Of course, each person has certain limits, and that is why it is advisable to set them in advance so as not to spoil a beautiful moment even in full action.

Frequently asked questions about erotic massage

Consider the tips and ideas above and enjoy the intense pleasures of erotic massage. Don’t forget to bring lubricants, oils, aphrodisiacs, sex toys, or anything you want in the bedroom. So stop thinking and give your partner unforgettable moments whenever you have the opportunity.

Does erotic massage involve sexual intercourse?

Erotic massage between two partners can involve any intimate relationship. This is prohibited by law concerning erotic massage performed in a specialized salon.

What are the benefits of erotic massage?

One of the significant benefits is that it helps and improves the couple’s life. The partners become closer and end up offering each other pleasant moments.

What is the difference between erotic massage and tantric massage?

The purpose of a tantric massage is never pleasure itself but a means of awakening sensuality, sensitivity, and the senses. It takes place through a ritual that awakens sexual energy distributed throughout the nervous system. In short, in tantra, massage includes erotic massage, but erotic does not have tantric.

Can sex toys be used during the erotic massage?

Yes! And this is right. Sex toys can enhance both partners’ pleasure during the erotic massage.

How often can an erotic massage be done?

Erotic massage can be performed whenever you and your partner feel the need for relaxation and intimacy as deep as possible.

It is the solution for your couple problems?

When it comes to recognizing one’s sexuality, many women and men alike feel incredibly embarrassed, some even ashamed. Because of this constant embarrassment, most people do not dare express their preferences before their life partner. In some cases, he doesn’t even mention that something is disturbing for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or having to go into too much detail. Even if they are in a long-term relationship, the idea of taboo is far too ingrained in their thoughts to allow them to break free from their trap. Unfortunately, these reasonings and self-limitations bring with them an accumulation of frustrations, which can always break out in the most unexpected ways. The couple’s relationship can be seriously affected, as can the one with their person. The further you go on the timeline, the more visible and confusing they become. And also, because of shame, they can’t find an inevitable ending.

As far as men are concerned, this crisis is all the more visible as they get older and still do not know exactly their needs. There is no one to educate them in the secrets of eroticism, seen as an art. Therefore, they tend to seek refuge in many other ways, which will bring them some relief. Some prefer vices and others isolation. However, the best but also the safest method in this regard, which offers relaxation and actual human contact, is brought by erotic massage.

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