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Who are you and what business have you created?

My name is Michelle, and I am the founder and owner of the largest premium escort service in Germany: Dusseldorf Girls Escort Service. I am also the VIP escort girl on this business. We can offer “Girlfriend Experience,” which means hiring an escort girl to act like a girlfriend. The experience is very intimate and often includes some eroticism, but this is not the primary purpose of the incident, only the icing on the cake. Equally, if not more, is the social aspect of the service.

Michelle, the VIP escort girl

At any given time, there are around 56 escort girls (female prostitutes) working with my site, including me. It appeals to clients from all walks of life, ambitious businesspeople, virgins, and curious couples. The goal is to create a mutually enjoyable, memorable, and extraordinary experience. This experience comes at least $ 1,000 per booking, translating into millions of dollars in annual sales.

What is your story and how did you get this idea?

In elementary school, I was asked what I wanted to do when I was older. My classmates gave answers such as firefighter for boys and nurse for girls. But not me. I wanted to become the prime minister of Germany. I saw myself becoming the boss, but I could never have guessed it would be in the escort business.

A few years later, I started my studies in business administration at Humboldt University Berlin. But over time, I had a hard time deciding which masters I was going to do. I had this vague idea of becoming a consultant, but what a consultant?

To make a choice more manageable, I decided to do two internships. And that made a choice a lot easier because I quickly learned that I’m not the type to live the life of an office worker. I am not a good employee. I should have been grateful to the boss of the company where I was doing an internship. It was a great opportunity.

He even paid for my accommodation. Instead, I treated him pretty badly. I’m still ashamed of it, thinking about it. Lesson learned: I have to be my boss. Fortunately, a new master’s degree was created that year: “Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing,” which I decided to choose.

During my master’s at university, I met a young woman from the same university at a party. She was studying social science and working as a glamor model. She was often asked to hang out with men for money, as her other model friends did. This is how she came up with the idea of starting an escort service. But she didn’t have the business skills to do it, and that’s where I stepped in.

We were to become queens, lead and revolutionize the escort industry, and founded the Escort Service in 2006. Starting an escort service requires very little capital. A few thousand euros were enough. The low demand for money was appealing, although I must admit that the controversial nature of the business had its appeal as well.

Two young students who started an escort service

My business partner and I were a great team at the start, and we were a fascinating subject for the press: two young students who started an Escort Service. From the beginning, the press covered our story, but it exploded when we launched the Virgin Experience, exceptional service for guests with little or no bedroom experience.

The press came from everywhere, from Germany as well as from abroad. But all good things came to an end, and so did the cooperation with my business partner. After a lengthy legal bargain, we agreed on a buyout fee, and I continued to work alone for the Escort Service from 2008.

I am running the Escort Service on a day-to-day basis. Still, I am supported by a team of freelancers who help me with the website, cybersecurity, legal and administrative matters, recruiting, etc. I have worked with most of them for over ten years and can say that the current state of Society Service is the result of teamwork.

Unlike most other companies, you won’t find much information on how to run a high-end escort service. There is very little information available. The information that is disseminated is generally too romanticized or dramatized. From the start, I decided to focus on three things:
– My intuition
– My morals
– What I learned during my studies about how to run a business

A business like any other

I figured that basic business strategies could apply just as well to an escort service as any other business. And it turns out to be entirely accurate. I have to pay taxes like any other business, provide an informative website that appeals to the right customers to book, keep the wrong people out, obey laws and regulations, keep my customers and employees happy, and protect their personal information.

In many ways, running an escort service is no different from managing any other industry. It’s just the type of service that varies. It was with these basic principles in mind that I created Dusseldorf Girls Escort Service.

A fresh start in the industry

Being new to this industry, I didn’t know what to expect. And since there is no information available, I just went for it, hoping for the best and adjusting through trial and error. Setting up the escort service was easy. I applied for a permit in Germany, found an accountant through a friend, and had an essential website developed by a classmate who turned out to be somewhat skilled with computers. My business partner at the time and I both invested 2,000 euros, which is no more than 2,500 dollars each.

Finding the right people to work with has proven to be one of the most important factors in the success of my business. The most impressive part of starting a business has to have been the licensing process. Selling escort services is legal in Germany if you have a license to do so. The application process was just an administrative formality and payment.

But it turns out that there is a control attached to it. Part of the procedure consists of discussing with the local police team dealing with prostitution and human trafficking. Sitting in a room with five very serious cops was pretty impressive, considering I was only 21 at the time; those good people to work with turned out to be one of them—the most critical factors for the success of my business.

The process of starting the business

All the press attention has undoubtedly had its benefits. It immediately women who wanted to work for the Escort Agency and clients who wanted to book with it. There were a few extra expenses along the way, but I would say the breakeven point was only a few months after launching the escort service.

But what exactly did this brand-new service entail? We didn’t have a clue yet. We told all potential customers that it was in such high demand that there was a long waiting list. During their wait, we prepared for the new service. Once we were ready, reservations followed, which resulted in a modest income. In the first year, our revenue was enough to cover all of our expenses and even give us a small salary. We never needed a loan. Fortunately, being in this controversial industry means that no bank is ready to provide us with a loan. There is also no question of a personal mortgage to buy a house.

We all start from the bottom!

The escort service does not have a lot of costs other than the salary of the escort performing the service. With a computer and a phone, you can go far. In the first year, the most significant expense was probably the accountant and the license fee. My dorm was our office. The lounge of a local luxury hotel was the location of all of the press interviews we did.

Advertisements for escort services are not allowed on many sites, such as social media or search engines. This means that you are dependent on organic traffic and direct traffic for your website. In other words, the people who heard about us from the press and the “natural” ranking of the website on the search engines. The very first website was pretty amateurish, and after the buyout from my business partner, that was one of the very first things I changed.

When setting up your business, did you learn anything beneficial?

Over the years, I have learned many lessons, some more expensive than others. I’ve learned that people can surprise you, both positively and negatively. This certainly applies to the ladies who work as escort girls in my Escort Agency, alongside with me. My intuition is not always correct when it comes to judging the reliability of escorts. Some ended up stealing from me – money, clients, etc. – but others have given me great ideas, loyalty, and the kindest comments.

I try not to hang on to negativity. The right people I have worked with have proven to be one of the essential factors in the success of my business. I’m not just talking about the escorts, but also about the other freelancers I work with, like my webmaster, lawyer, accountant, etc. They may not always have been the most economical choice, but reliability and quality of service are much more critical.

My activity is generally shunned by large companies, which is why I have been forced to work with primarily self-employed freelancers. It also turned out to be a much better choice than expected. The personal and informal approach, combined with their dedication to work, has excellent benefits.

A bad business decision

Very early on, I (like many others) invested money with a senior executive of a German company, who turned out to be a con artist. He used the money to pay for his extravagant lifestyle, including that fancy party where he insisted the fake Robbie Williams was the real one. The party was fun, though. Another thing I’ve learned is that I’m good at working on my own, but I need feedback from others. I am the owner of the escort service, and most of my work is done from home.

Fortunately, I am good at working alone at home and have the discipline to do my tasks. However, I found it very important to get feedback from time to time. When I look at the people I hang out with; most are entrepreneurs in a similar position. We love spending time together and having dinner parties where we all bring a new friend or business contact to get further information. These dinners are very precious, both socially and professionally.

I also hired several consultants who provided me with many ideas and perspectives that I could not have found on my own. I’ve even struck up a particular friendship with the owner of a competing agency, and we both like to share our experiences over lunch. In short, sharing experiences and being open to feedback from others has been very helpful to me and my business.

Any advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started?

If I could give other budding entrepreneurs a piece of advice and it might sound like the biggest cliché there is: pick a profession that appeals to you. Being an entrepreneur is complicated and sometimes very stressful work. You are unlikely to be able to do the right thing when you don’t like your job.

Any job will include tasks you don’t like, but I come to work every day with a smile even when there’s a tedious task on my to-do list. I couldn’t put in the hours and efforts if I didn’t like my job. If I were there only for the money, I would have already been exhausted, or I would have chosen another career path.

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