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City trips and good food – I have these preferences in common with Nicole from our famous Escort Agency. As a local escort girl, she tells you her Düsseldorf tips in this article: the best sights, hidden places, or insider tips, hotels, restaurants, and cafés. Everything for your weekend vacation or a short trip to NRW!

Dear Nicole: Who are you, and what is your blog about?

I’m Nicole, I’m in my early 30s and living in Düsseldorf for almost 10 years. I absolutely love to travel and love trying out the local cuisine when I travel. I like to do cooking courses so that I can prepare delicious dishes at home. I also like to eat out at home in Düsseldorf, and I love trying out new restaurants. My place of residence in the middle of “Little Tokyo” suits me well because there are a lot of great restaurants in my immediate vicinity. I love working with this Escort Agency!

Why is a city trip to Düsseldorf worthwhile?

Dusseldorf is a smaller, modern city where most can be reached on foot. The city has a lot to offer for a city trip – exciting shops, many restaurants, cafes, spacious parks, art and culture, the opportunity to sit by the water, clubs, and pubs. Also, Düsseldorf is the only city in Germany where the pedestrian traffic lights also have a yellow phase.

Dusseldorf tips: Which well-known sights are really worth visiting?

When visiting Düsseldorf, you should definitely make a detour to the Media Harbor. With its mixture of modern and old buildings, I think this place is incredibly worth seeing and very photogenic – especially the crooked Gehry buildings, which are now a symbol of the city.

• The Aquazoo (Kaiserswerther Str. 380) is outside the city center. It is a mixture of museum and aquarium and is recommended for young and old.
The old town is a pure party mile on the weekends and is very popular with bachelor parties and clubs. Many Düsseldorfers then avoid them.

But during the week, especially in the summer months, I can recommend a visit to the old town with an escort girl. If you leave the area of pubs and bars and stroll through the side streets, you will discover small shops and restaurants. Then you can quietly drink an Alt beer at one of the many breweries, eat something or enjoy the sunset on the Rhine.

What Düsseldorf insider tips do you have?

After visiting the Aquazoo, you and your escort girl should visit the North Park right next to it. The spacious park with the old trees extends to the Rhine. The Japanese garden in the park, donated by the Japanese community in the 1970s, is exceptional.

Düsseldorf insider tips: If you want to go shopping and are looking for smaller individual shops, you should go to Lorettostraße. There are many small owner-managed shops here. At the Bilker Church, at the end of Lorettostrasse, some famous restaurants and cafés, such as B. the Frida or the Café Seifenhorst.

A special place for Vietnamese street food is Kim Phi (Höherweg 313), and Asian wholesaler. A small Vietnamese street food market takes place here at the weekend in the rear part of the hall, where you can get the best pho soup in Düsseldorf.

Your tips in Düsseldorf for hotels?

My tips for accommodation in Düsseldorf: The Me and all Hotel (Immermannstr. 23) is in the middle of the Japanese quarter. The hotel is easily reached on foot from the central train station; the underground and tram stops are only a few meters away. From here you can be on Schadowstrasse, the shopping street in Düsseldorf, on Königsallee or in the old town in just a few minutes. The hotel’s bar on the upper floor is also recommended. Readings or concerts by local artists often take place there.

Your tips in Düsseldorf for the warm season?

A relatively new summer spot is the terrace on the Tonhalle. A beer wagon and many sun loungers are set up here during the summer months—an excellent spot for the sunset. You get a little holiday feeling at the paradise beach, directly behind the media harbor. The way to it leads over the pedestrian bridge at the height of the Gehry buildings. The beach is top-rated in summer. But one request: Since there are always problems with rubbish, please take yours with you and dispose of it correctly.

On hot days it is very popular to drive into the countryside. Book an escort girl and go see its beautiful beer garden or the southern park with a petting zoo and park café. An excellent restaurant for the warm days is Spoerls Fabrik. The restaurant is housed in the gatehouse of a former printing works. In summer, you can sit in the shady inner courtyard. You can end the evening with a good cocktail in the adjoining bar.

Your Düsseldorf tips for the cold season?

A visit to the Rhine Tower is particularly worthwhile on a clear day. You and your escort girl will have a fantastic view of the city and the surrounding area from up there. There is a bar at the top of the viewing level, so you can enjoy the view while having a drink while warm. One floor up is a Japanese restaurant. The floor rotates once around its axis in 70 minutes. During the meal, the view passes by. In the Carlstadt, which is south of the old town, is the Düsseldorf Marionette Theater. Not only plays for children, such as, e.g., B. the desired punch is performed, but also pieces that are also for adults, such as The Magic Flute.

Your insider tips Düsseldorf for when it rains?

Visiting museums is a good idea when it rains, and Düsseldorf has a few museums, especially art museums. Even if you are not interested in art, you should go to the K21 in the Ständehaus. The art installation “In Orbit” by the artist Tomás Saraceno has been there for several years. The remarkable thing is that a large net was stretched under the roof of the building, which you can walk on.

In 2016, the Wehrhahn Line, the new subway line through the city center, was opened. In addition to relocating the tram underground, this created a new attraction. The six new subway stations were designed by the Düsseldorf Art Academy graduates, making them a real work of art. With the lines U71, U72, U73 and U83 you can leave the train stations from Kirchplatz to Pempelforter Straße.

Your Düsseldorf insider tips for going out?

Bar Ellington (Scheurenstr. 5) is an excellent place to start the evening or as a pleasant end. Excellent and unusual cocktails are mixed here in a friendly atmosphere. In Düsseldorf, there are many hip clubs to dance the night away. But if the escort girl prefers to dance to rock and pop, you should go to Zakk (Fichtenstr. 40). In the old factory hall, the 80s, Ü30s, and other themed parties and concerts regularly occur at the weekend.

Düsseldorf insider tips: Going out to eat is typical for the city?

Traditionally, there is Rhenish cuisine in Düsseldorf. Typical here is the Düsseldorf mustard roast or Himmel und Ähd, fried black pudding with mashed potatoes, apple compote, and roasted onions. It sounds strange, but it’s incredibly delicious. Mett or tartar rolls are also trendy, often eaten with the typical Düsseldorf Altbier. An excellent way to enjoy classic Rhenish cuisine is the breweries. I particularly like going to Schumacher (Oststrasse 123) or Füchschen (Ratinger Strasse 28). The food is good in both breweries, and I like the beer.

Japanese cuisine is just as typical for Düsseldorf. Due to the large Japanese community, many excellent and authentic Japanese restaurants here.

What are your insider tips for restaurants in Düsseldorf?

Luckily there are many restaurants of different nationalities in Düsseldorf. I prefer to go to Asian or Italian restaurants, but I also like trying new things.

Japanese Ramen, meanwhile the Japanese noodle soups are pretty popular. There is a ramen bar in many German cities. The delicious soups have been available here in Düsseldorf for over 20 years.
• Naniwa Noodles & Soup (Oststr. 55)
• Takumi (there are three times)
• Thanks to the many Japanese in Düsseldorf, sushi is of excellent quality.
• Kikaku (Klosterstrasse 38)
• Roppongi (Berger Str. 11)
• Sumi (Schinkelstrasse 28)
My favorite Italians are:
• Linguini Trattoria & Wine Bar (Rochusstr. 44)
• Lupo (Friedrichstr. 125), the legendary old town pizza, here in the restaurant, you can eat it a little more comfortably and without all the hustle and bustle.
• If it should be something extraordinary:
• Nenio (Klosterstr. 34) – modern Asian fusion cuisine
• Yoshi by Nagaya (Kreuzstr. 17), authentic Japanese cuisine at the highest level
I also recommend:
• Sila Thai (Thai/Bahnstrasse 76)
• Scaramanga’s (Vietnamese/Oberbilker Allee 31)
• Lucy Abyssinia (Ethiopian/Lindenstr. 69)

Dusseldorf tips for vegetarians or vegans? (vegetarian/vegan food and restaurants)

Those who love Japanese noodle soups (Ramen) but are vegetarians should go to Takumi 3rd (Klosterstr. 72). The classic broth for the soups is made from chicken or pork, so the other ramen restaurants offer little to no vegetarian options. Most soups are also available in a vegetarian version.

At Laura’s Deli on Carlsplatz, you can get many vegetarian or vegan dishes, some of which are also gluten-free. Unfortunately, the store is often overcrowded, but it’s worth the wait. I got two tips from vegetarian friends that I haven’t tried yet, but I’m happy to pass them on: Jade (Dürener Str. 42) is a purely vegetarian/vegan Asian restaurant.
The lush green is now available three times in Düsseldorf. The lunch menu is trendy.

Travel gifts: 5 best ideas

Are you looking for great, funny, or practical gifts for an escort girl? This article will introduce you to the best travel gifts for globetrotters. Whether as a birthday present, Christmas present or to say goodbye – there is something for every occasion and every budget. Look in here!

Finding the right gift for people who love to travel is sometimes not that easy, especially if you are looking for something last minute. On my one-year trip around the world and afterward, I tested a lot of travel accessories and travel gadgets. I present gift ideas from minor (e.g., a mug) to large (e.g., a drone) in this list. I chose them based on whether I already have them and am happy with them or give them away myself.

1) Gift trip: Lonely Planets “When is the best place to go?”

For all globetrotters looking for inspiration and tips. The travel month is set, but the destination is not yet? Or the destination has been selected; now only the best travel time is missing? Then this book will help. It contains 360 travel suggestions for the best spots worldwide – whether for a short break, beach vacation, or city trip. There is something for every type of traveler and every budget.

2) Scratch off the world map for frequent travelers

This world map is an excellent gift for all frequent travelers. It is an XXL poster with a gift box. You can scratch off the countries you have already visited. I’ve already given the world map away, and it’s hanging on my wall.

3) Money box for the holiday fund – gifts for travelers

Getting a little closer to the dream trip: the decorative money box in the form of a mural helps save up for a holiday now and then. The wooden box can be set up or hung up, so you always watch the progress.

4) Retro coffee mug VW Bulli – travel gifts for road trip fans

Drinking coffee and dreaming of the next road trip that’s what I do every morning with this great coffee mug. It is offered with different motifs; 330 ml fits into it.

5) Passport Cover with Luggage Tags (Travel Gifts for Women)

This beautiful passport cover made of sturdy imitation leather is pink, red, and black. This means that the traveler has everything in one place: passport, boarding pass, credit card, ID card, or other documents. Two color-coordinated luggage tags with a cover flap are also included.

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