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Many people wonder why men would want to use escort services in Germany. Frequently, escorts are seen as household breakers because many of their clients are married. We see them as evil women despise what they offer. But these people who denigrate the services provided by the Dusseldorf Escorts do not want to answer this question. So, let’s answer it now.

To be able to brag to friends, or “because a friend challenged me”

Men love to share stories of their sexual encounters with other men, as do women (more than you might imagine). One-night stands are friendly and very popular, and men like to brag to their friends about their most recent conquests. This is not limited to the encounters one night at the bar. They can’t wait to tell their close friends all the details about the escort girl they hired to have fun. Some will say that a friend gave them the phone number, and they just called to verify if it was an escort’s number or not.

For quick sex, without confession on the pillow

Some men don’t want to have to chat in the morning with the woman they spent the night with, especially when they’ve just woken up with a hangover and a stranger by their side. Our Dusseldorf escort girls don’t stay overnight, and, more importantly, they don’t seek to establish a long-term relationship. Therefore, they are perfect for men who discreetly want to have a good time without the hassle afterwards. Escort girls are discreet and professional and will never call or text you unless you have scheduled a meeting and forget to introduce yourself. It’s not just men who don’t just want to have serious relationships!

In addition, German escort services are much simpler than trying to find a woman in a bar to spend the night with. Many men lose large sums of money in bars believing they have found a woman to have fun, only to realize that these women only want free drinks. However, an escort girl will always be warm, sweet and sexy, and will make you feel special. This is their job, which means nothing to lose when you hire an escort, but much more to lose if you hang out in bars all night. The attention you receive will make you feel special, and then who cares if the other bar patrons think you might be paying for having this sexy woman by your side? They will probably be jealous!

Sometimes you might choose to keep this sexy lady by your side for the night. If so, it will be on your terms, and there will be no awkward conversation in the early morning or the exchange of uncomfortable glances. Neither you nor the escort girl will want or expect more than what you paid for, and no one will be disappointed.

Escort girls rather than mistresses

First, let’s be frank: men aren’t the only ones who cheat. Women are too, and chances are you are one of them. Most people, both men, and women will have illicit sex at some point in their life. It’s pretty accurate: men and women have affairs. After all, it takes two to tango. So, let’s talk about why hiring an escort is better than having an experience. You may be wondering how it is different. First, the escort girl won’t seek to end your marriage, ask you for a divorce, or suggest that you run away together. She won’t have feelings for you, but she will take good care of you and make you feel sexy.

The professional escort lady is highly discreet. When you choose an escort, you never have to worry about receiving trivial texts during the day. In short, it’s much easier to hide your activities, and there is no risk that your wife will find out what you are doing when she glances at your phone.

Unhappy marriages and the need to experience something new

Several men who choose to meet an escort in Germany are married. For them, escorts are an opportunity to satisfy their sexual desires and needs that cannot be completed at home. Often, men do not consider themselves unfaithful when using escorts because they are not emotionally attached. Frequently marriages become boring, or there is no more sex once the babies arrive. But you still need to have your sexual needs met, and escorts are perfect for that without the risk of breaking hearts or ruining your marriage.

As a married man who uses an escort, you won’t feel judged for what you do. It also means that you will benefit from your experience a lot more. If your wife doesn’t satisfy you as much as you think you deserve, it’s okay to find satisfaction elsewhere.

Sometimes you might have fantasies that your partner can’t fulfill for you. Or maybe you’re worried about sharing them with that person. So, rather than creating excitement, you can schedule an appointment with a local escort girl from Dusseldorf Escorts. Several services are available, including some things you have always wanted to try with your wife but are hesitant to suggest. Since the escort you are visiting is a stranger, this is the perfect way to fulfill all of your fantasies.

Fear of rejection and failure to find a partner

We all feel a bit lonely sometimes, and we don’t always have a partner available for sex. Maybe you work long hours or away from home, and perhaps you don’t have time to socialize in bars. If so, a quick way to get what you need without having to fear rejection is to hire an escort. You might be surprised to find that shyness can be found on both sides. In our personal lives, we can all be shy, which goes for escorts. I can tell you that I am, and I am, one of the most introverted people you will meet outside of work. I would never risk approaching a man in a bar, for example. Many of the men I work for are very shy. When I ask them why they are single, shyness is the most common response. These men are generally very confident in bed, with strong sexual personalities. They don’t know how to approach a woman, but they still need sex like everyone else. This is all perfectly correct. Being single, too; in fact, is the opportunity to have a lot of fun. However, being shy isn’t as much fun, and that’s where our services come in.

A recently deceased wife

Many men can’t start a new relationship for several years, which doesn’t mean they will lose their desire for sex. Often, it is quite the opposite. The sudden void that appears in your life needs to be filled, and for many people, this is done sexually.

When you lose your partner, you find a mechanism to deal with it. Some people try a new hobby. Others seek human contact, and therefore sex. For this reason, they may decide to use our services. Many widowers will never have another serious relationship. Even after the grief is over, they will not want to find another soul mate, and escort services serve to fill the sexual void in their lives. Male or female, all have sexual desires. But serious relationships are not always necessary.

Difficulty getting involved

In the modern world, many people are happy to remain single. They are often satisfied without a partner or don’t feel the need to engage in a relationship. Many of these people are influential businessmen and women who are too busy to consider severe involvement. Despite this, these people are among the happiest in the world. They don’t feel the pressure to comply or be “in a relationship” on Facebook, nor do they need validation. They are happy with their life.

Others are afraid to commit to someone, lest things turn upside down. They don’t want to enter a relationship, only seeing it fall apart afterward. So, rather than risk getting complicated, they use escort services for their sexual needs. It’s widespread not to look for a serious relationship these days, and thanks to our escort services, you don’t need to be sexually fulfilled. Using an escort service makes it easy to have exactly what you want when you want it. The two parties agree, and neither side hopes for more than a physical encounter. There are many reasons why men like to look for escorts. Our job is not evil, and we are not breakers of torque. If another reason comes to your mind, feel free to leave it in the comment at the bottom of this article.

When the man sees his sexual drive as too aggressive

Faced with our sexuality, we are confronted with archaic elements of ourselves, an impulsive bubbling that very often frightens us. What happens to those who find it difficult to accept it? “When the man sees his sexual drive as too aggressive, he cannot let himself go with a woman with whom he maintains a dialogue, an exchange. During the sexual act, he proves unable to compose with the look that this companion casts on him, which he necessarily imagines accusatory. But isn’t it his concern? By appealing to a prostitute, reduced to the status of an object, he gets rid of this judgment imaginary which terrifies him “, analyzes Catherine Blanc.

We think that the men who go to see prostitutes are liberated men. In contrast, it is precisely the opposite: the more entangled in their inability to assume their sexual desire, the more they have to call on female workers. Last paradox, on a subject which does not lack: “The moral discourse, which always suggests between the lines that sexuality is dirty and degrading, only increases the pressure which weighs on the shoulders of these men and, of this fact, encourages prostitution! “, underlines the specialist. Isn’t it by cultivating instead joyful and uninhibited sexuality that we will fight effectively against this practice, often much sadder than we think?

The customers, who are they?

Not all men have the same motivations for using a prostitute. Explanation by Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, andrologist and sexologist.

The man who doesn’t dare to flirt

“I see a lot of men in my office who don’t dare go to a woman, even to initiate a discussion. The problem is that the less they dare, the more they reinforce their isolation”, insists Dr. Mimoun. „Convinced that it is only by saying that they will have access to a woman, they do not solve their problem, which is essentially on the side of social inhibition. ”

The man who has sexual difficulties

“It is frequent that a man who suffers from premature ejaculation or encounters erection problems prefers to speak to a professional, whom he thinks more understanding than another woman. This is far from certain, underlines the specialist. However, I note that this passage can allow some to regain self-confidence and dare embark on a non-priced relationship. ”

The unsatisfied man

“Some men are satisfied with their love life but do not get along sexually with their wives. Rather than endangering their relationship with a mistress, they prefer, from time to time, to allow themselves the fantasy that they do not ‘have never dared to propose to their partner. But who tells them that she would not be happy? And them, how would they welcome the fact that the mother of their children has naughty desires? The most stuck is not always the one we believe” concludes Dr. Sylvain Mimoun.

From fantasy to reality

Beyond the sexual needs, prostitution would come to meet the desire of the men to live all their fantasies. Again, nuance is needed because the prostitute rarely complies with all the possible services. Others hope that this sex worker will teach them about it. Alas for them, she is rarely the hoped-for initiator” The pass is not the place of sexual fulfillment, nor its enrichment. Take the loss of virginity in the brothel. It is more of an unlearning – since there is no need to worry about the partner’s reaction – only an initiation ritual” assures the psychoanalyst.

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