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You and me and the music: You’re like my favourite song

I’m sitting on my sofa, and our song is playing. We had a lot of pieces, I would say. Because there is always Dusseldorf somewhere, and you are always somewhere, as the song says. You are everywhere. I let the music carry me. It all started with a piece. Sometimes and somewhere because it somehow starts sometime or something.
Also, a song.

Is love made of music? As an escort babe I would say most of the time because I can’t live without it. Not without you, without love and also not without the music. It is like the air you breathe—full of memories. Ascent and memories come up. Every time again. Continue to read this blog on Dusseldorf Girls Agency.

Fuel your company. Let me fall Into the here and now and the music.

A new song and new images appear: I feel you next to me, slowly touching my skin. We drink wine and let the melody sink in. A November day. It’s dark, and I’ve lit candles. I was accompanied by desire. It feels good in our universe. It would be quiet inside an escort girl like me without music, without love.

The beat beats my heartbeat, and, I enjoy the touch—fuel of your company. Let me fall Into the here and now and the music. Switch off everyday life completely. Only your communication and the music are still there. Your smell. Your hands. They slowly slide over my body. An anchor point that I set for myself. Take at the moment, Like a movie with the perfect soundtrack.

I stumbled across our playlist while browsing. I didn’t save it, but I know it is. Because I feel them
Another song:

You sit next to me with your glass of wine, and I feel the tingling in the air with every beat of a new note. The insecurity we both had, like a new song. Do I like it now? Is this my new favourite song now? Can that be something, and how often do I want to hear it? Sometimes you can already feel it after the first bars: Yes! Exactly like that and now continue, please.

Sometimes you need a little longer to understand it, but you can’t get the song out of your head.
And eventually, it becomes a whole playlist. So I laugh about some songs, can cry or become calm. That’s probably what love is when the entire package is correct.

Feel your hands and know that we were here at this moment. Feel the joy rising because it is not a matter of course that you are there. Enjoy your presence and know that we manage to make time flow. The music, you, the wine and me. The perfect combo.

And eventually, it becomes a whole playlist. So I laugh about some songs, can cry or become calm. That’s probably what love is. When the entire package is correct. There is a high and a low. You learn from each other. You can be surprised because you wouldn’t have expected this beat, but you can call. Memories I don’t want to miss anymore.

A new song and the mental cinema starts all over again:

We sit in your kitchen; you laugh and give me a new beer. We make popcorn together and talk about the day. Feel the familiarity and celebrate the new song together. Then we dive back into our lives. Everyone on their own, but I’ll take the music with me.

Keep you a piece in my ear; feel the rhythm. I Can close my eyes, and I’m back in a perfect moment. See your laugh and taste the popcorn you brought me. Three minutes in which I’m back where I was—an ideal moment.
Another song starts from the playlist. Another 4:39 minutes of memories.

You’re not there. Need time for yourself? It leaves me in a cold world that I can do independently. Even without you, because I am strong. I know that, but you are missing. The beat is no longer the same. He’s limping a bit. It makes you sad because you’re a person I hate less than other people.

A person who can stand me, and I can stand. The song reminds me of a difficult time that I endured, which brought me back a bit more to myself.

We turn each other’s snare a little quieter from time to time because it’s too loud and doesn’t fit. But without a playlist, we just can’t

Until you come back sometime, because you couldn’t stand it without our song either, Because I can’t live without you, Because your world was just too quiet without my music, the world is too soft.

I’m thankful for every bar and note you give me. We turn each other’s snare a little quieter from time to time because it’s too loud and doesn’t fit. But without a playlist, we just can’t. You know that, and I know that.
You’re my favourite song, memories like a whole collection I can pull out when I want to.
I hope we can do another album.

Terrible longing: You decide for your self-destructive soul and against me

The greatest coward is a man who arouses feelings in a woman he cannot reciprocate. As an escort babe, I agree: be careful when a man says he only wanted to be together. And at the first argument, ask: “What kind of person are you?”
The 6.5-day stubble, the dimples, the sparkles and sparks between us and around our table in the restaurant, back on December 20th. The snow, your six foot six, the black leather jacket, your candlelit guitar, the fact that Pisces is supposed to be the perfect sign for me…

I’m afraid that no one will ever retake your place. That the bouncer of my heart has only you on the list forever and doesn’t want to be talked to.

I’m afraid that no one will ever retake your place. That the bouncer of my heart has only you on the list forever and doesn’t want to be talked to. In any case, he doesn’t want to hear a word at the moment. Because every time I meet someone, I know beforehand that I don’t want them because they’re not you.

My friend, who is an escort babe like me, Anna, says: “If you don’t want it, you already have it. His loss, not yours.” Close the metaphorical door, erase everything, block; that’s the only way. – But if you were standing in front of my door – I would forgive you everything, believe you everything. If you finally stood in front of the door with a decision, I would only see the good in you – all that you don’t even know is in you…

You chose us against us.

I wanted to be happy with you. Share my life with you. Having you in my life and never let go. You are the man I wasn’t looking for. And now desperately trying to find in every man.

The others shake their heads, saying how bad you are for me. Maybe they roll their eyes when I’m not looking. But I know you haven’t forgotten either, you’re thinking about it too. With the rain beating down the window pane. With every thunderstorm. At the first snow. You know what? I think about it every day at full and every other moon.

Everyone is looking, and we found it. And I’m sure you know, like me, that we’ve looked inside each other’s souls. Even more: You touched my soul, and I felt yours.

You are the man I wasn’t looking for. And now desperately trying to find in every man.
But you chose us. I think you made the wrong decision; you have selected to be hurt forever—Kurt Cobain #2, consumed by world-weariness. The self-destructive soul is so strong that I cannot heal it with my love.

So it only remains for an escort babe like me to wish you all the best. If I’m honest with myself, it’s the opposite of what I long for. And I miss you so terribly, so unreasonably often. I wished so badly that you would take me in your arms again. I can see your smile, hear your deep beautiful voice, touch you… It’s hard to forget you. It’s hard to live without you. Why does it have to be like this?

Now I am going to give you some tips when visiting Dusseldorf, here are some beautiful tourist attractions:


At the southern end of the Rheinuferpromenade are the Düsseldorf docks built in the late 19th century and played a role in the city’s post-war boom.
In the 1970s, the local industry was in decline, especially after the closure of the local Mannesmann pipeline.

And since the 1990s, the port has been transformed into a contemporary office district for fashion brands and media companies and restaurants, bars, and cinemas.
Where possible, 100-year-old warehouses, dock walls and huts have been kept.

But they are accompanied by projects by David Chipperfield, Joe Coenen, Claude Vasconi and the most memorable Frank Gehry, whose Neuer Zollhof complex was completed in 1999 and dominated the seafront.

Rhine Tower

The tallest building in Düsseldorf is located on the eastern side of the Medienhafen, 240 meters high.
This communication tower was unveiled in 1981 and featured an observation deck and a rotating restaurant 170 meters away.

Surprisingly, the views are glorious and worth the EUR 9 entrance fee for adult peak hours.
When the skies are clear, you can easily make the towers of Cologne far to the south.
If you spend a certain amount at the spinning restaurant, you will also benefit from a discounted ticket.

Admission is also reduced to € 5 if you arrive before 11:00 or 22:00. The tower is open until 23:00 in summer, and the view of Düsseldorf at sunset is as romantic as it gets.

Since the tower opened in 1981, its concrete shaft has been decorated with a light sculpture by Horst H. Baumann in the shape of the world’s most giant digital clock.

Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

The art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia is divided into two central locations: K20 and K21. We’ll start with “K20 am Grabbeplatz”, housed in a fascinating building designed by Arne Jacobsen in the mid-1980s and covered in polished black granite.

The galleries are for 20th-century art and include all the fundamental movements: Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, New Objectivity, Dada, Surrealism, Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism.
The volume of great art is unreal.

We are talking about Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner, Picasso, Braque, Fernand Léger, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and many more, so be prepared to spend at least half a day.

K21 Ständehaus

Under the same umbrella, K21 Ständehaus is a separate museum space introduced in 2002. glass and interior reconfigured into a “piazza”. This floods the interior with natural light, and you can strive through five floors of art dating from the 1970s to the present.

The collection includes installations, prints, video images and photography by artists such as Candida Höfer, Marcel Broodthaers, Paul McCarthy, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, William Kentridge and Nam June Paik.

The museum’s exhibitions are constantly changing and updated with bold installations, such as Tomás Saraceno’s interactive “in orbit”, in which you are encouraged to climb through air-filled spheres on a suspended net 25 meters above the “square”.

Schloss Benrath

Benrath, south-east of Düsseldorf, is the scene of a beautiful mid-18th-century Rococo palace surrounded by gardens.
Everything was created for the Palatine Elector Charles Theodor and the wife of Elisabeth Auguste de Sulzbach as their summer residence.

The palace was carefully designed to fit the gardens. The Elector’s private room was opened to the English gardens, Electress’s apartments faced a formal French garden, and a potted garden and herbs served the kitchens.

During a visit, you can visit the opposite Corps de Logis, designed by the Frenchman Nicolas de Page, and you will have to wear special slippers to keep the marble floors.
There is a Museum of Natural History and a Museum of European Garden Art in the side wings, while the sumptuous park is a setting for concerts during the summer.


Germany’s first public park was built in 1769 due to the devastation of the Seven Years’ War from 1756 to 1763. The oldest part is in the east between the Schloss Jägerhof and the graceful “Jröner Jong” fountain.
Working again under Charles Theodore, Nicolas de Page was responsible for this section and the mainline that connects the two monuments.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the park was extended along the side of the wall built for the Napoleonic Wars, and the park has taken on its current form.
The project would be a prototype for public parks in Germany.

There is a multitude of art installations and historical monuments to look for, such as Ratinger Tor, one of the city’s old gates rebuilt as a neoclassical temple.

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