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Are you tired of sending awkward texts to that escort girl you love so much? Well, just educate yourself to become a flirt expert and impress the girl you want to date!

Discover the techniques of flirting by SMS

Don’t be boring and predictable

Being boring and predictable is the worst part about flirting over text. Your texts should be funny and exciting. If you can’t find anything funny or compelling to say, then you probably shouldn’t write to her at all. For example, you shouldn’t start an SMS conversation with messages as dull as “hey” or “how’s your day going?” ” Total boredom! She probably gets this type of message from every boy she meets, so stand out. Try to come up with something more original, something that makes her want to respond, like “I bet you can’t stop thinking about me” or “you cheated at foosball last night. I want my revenge!”

Be intimate

SMS messages can seem a little impersonal at times. So, please do your best to make them as personal as possible, whenever you can. It will create a special bond between you. Put their first name in the message. Girls love to see their first name in the letter; there’s something very intimate about it. Otherwise, you could use the short name you gave him. It will be a little joke between you. Use the term “we” in your messages. It sounds like “you, and I against the whole world”, escorts from Dusseldorf Girls, for example, love it.

Make her a compliment

It’s straightforward: girls love compliments. It makes them feel special and loved. So, if you can put a compliment or two in your text messages, go for it. A classic and effective way is to try a compliment like “I can’t stop thinking about you in this dress” or try something a little less conventional like “you have the weirdest humor in the world. but I love it”. Your compliment must be sincere. Don’t say something you don’t mean just to put it in your pocket. Girls smell the fake compliments for miles around.

Be mysterious

It’s okay to be a little weird in your texts. You want her to feel like she wants to seduce you, not the other way around, so try to be a little vague or reserved at times. If she asks you how your day was, for example, don’t answer with a three-meter message in which you give her every tedious detail of your day.

Try something like, “it was bizarre, actually. People never stop surprising me”. With luck, she will be intrigued and ask for more details later. Or, if she asks if you have something planned for this weekend, don’t be too communicative (unless you have something fascinating planned). If you tell her that you’re probably going to spend your weekend working on a report for work, she probably won’t be interested. Tell him you have plans to go dragon hunting or something so eccentric. It doesn’t have to be accurate, as long as it’s interesting.

Tease her a little

It’s a great way to flirt. It creates a kind of intimacy between you without it getting too serious. As mentioned before, you can give your friend a cute nickname (a nickname that only you use). This is an excellent way to make fun of her without offending her. For example, you might find something like “carrot hair” or “miss perfection.”

Tease her about something she said or did the last time you saw each other. For example, if she told you she was going to take a bath, say something like, “Try not to jump in all dressed up like you did last time in the pool.” This is what you might call “reminder” humor. This message will draw her attention to when you had fun together, and she will associate your relationship with something positive. Above all, be careful not to be mean or offensive, or your texting relationship will end quickly.

Be suggestive

Of course, any SMS flirtation must be punctuated by a few naughty suggestions. You could be classic, asking her to describe to you what she’s wearing or saying something like, “I loved seeing you in that dress, but I think I would like what’s in there even more.” below. ” Another technique is to take one of his clear messages and purposely interpret it as something sexual. For example, if she says something to you like, “I can’t believe how long she is!” “(Referring to a movie show or something so innocent), you might say something like,” That’s what they all say. ” If texting sex hints make you a little nervous, you might try to mention that you just got out of the shower accidentally. The ball will then be in her court: if she responds with a naughty joke (like “wow, I’d love to see that”), you’ll know she’s open to it.

Know the golden rules of SMS flirtation

Be sure to send short and cute messages. Long, boring messages will make you seem too rushed. Therefore, you should always write short and cute texts: no more than two or three sentences. Try to make every post either funny or clever, or adorable. When you’re flirting, you should never find yourself talking about the weather.

Send as many messages as you receive

There had to be some equality in the SMS relationship. One of the individuals should not send a message longer than the other. If you send too many messages, you’ll seem too excited and too available. You will seem a little too “intense” to him, which will either scare him or make him lose his interest. On the other hand, if you don’t text enough, you might seem uninterested, or she might think you’re texting more than one girl at the same time. If so, she might let you down. Therefore, you must find a balance so that you send each other a more or less equal number of SMS, with a slight imbalance on its side if possible. Also, pay attention to who starts and who ends each text conversation. Here too, there needs to be a certain balance.

Pay attention to your spelling and grammar

You want to make her feel witty and intelligent in your texts. With teens, it’s still okay to use abbreviations, but if you’re over 18, you should pay a little more attention to spelling and grammar. You don’t have to go so far as to look up complicated words in the dictionary to look smart. Just re-read each text before sending it to make sure you haven’t made any glaring mistakes or misspellings. Punctuation has a lot to do with how the text is interpreted. For example, if your friend sends you a picture of her wearing new clothes, “woah” sounds much better than “wow,” while “I like it…” is more suggestive than “I like it.” Don’t overdo it with exclamation points, question marks, smileys, and other emoticons. They can be very effective when the context is proper but are a bit childish if overused.

Don’t let the conversation drag on

Knowing when to end the conversation is an important quality when you are text flirting. If you let texting conversations go on forever, you will ruin everything and have nothing more interesting to say, and the conversation will quickly become bizarre and boring. The trick is to end the conversation before it’s reached that point so that she wants more every time you leave her. Try to end with something cute while flirting. Something like, “I got to go, baby, let’s talk tomorrow.” Please don’t do anything serious without me! “Or” it’s time to go to bed. I need my 8 hours of restful sleep. See you in your dreams!

Try real flirtation

Don’t take refuge in texting flirting, so you never have to do it for real. Text messages should only be used as a stop-gap between actual flirting sessions. SMS flirting is excellent (and it let’s you say things you wouldn’t dare say face to face), but nothing beats the sparks it does when you’re flirting in person. Use your SMS conversations to arrange a meeting for your next outing. This will give your texts a purpose, and you both will be eager to get it. Remember, natural little touches are 100 times better than a few words on a screen. Try prolonged eye contact, a bright smile, or an innocent caress against your stocking.

Short tips

Make jokes; girls love humor.
– If she isn’t responding to your texts or flirting back, it’s probably not a good idea to continue flirting with her. For example, if she answers you with less than two words, it would probably be a good idea to end the conversation casually.
– Don’t be afraid to respond to her texts! If you don’t answer her, she’ll think you don’t like her and walk away.
– Be yourself! Poor spelling can bother the person receiving the message, and it is always essential to proofread your texts to make sure they are written correctly.
– Don’t just talk about yourself. Ask her what she does for a living and what has happened to her in the past few days, what her plans are, or what she is doing now in life.
End the conversation and leave her hungry so that she wants to communicate with you again.
– If you make her laugh, she’ll want to keep talking with you, but it takes time to know and figure out what makes her laugh. Don’t overdo it because then she may think of you as a buddy.

What is sexting?

Sexting comes from the English term “sex” and “texting.” It refers to the sending of erotic or pornographic content (mainly photographs and videos) through digital means, almost always cell phones, tablets, and personal computers.
The sending of these materials regularly carried out voluntarily has become an alarming trend, mainly among adolescents between 12 and 18 years old (Although practiced by users of almost any age), taken as a natural aspect of their sexual life.


Sexting begins to have records from 2005, especially in Anglo-Saxon digital communities, originating from text messages through cell phones or chat programs. Different studies affirm that approximately since 2009, this practice became a daily event among adolescents, commonly related to the consumption of alcohol and drugs, but also associated with new methods of showing some commitment and passionate feeling. Cases of pressure and blackmail also appeared among the related origins.

Social and technological context

The Internet modified our way of communicating. Its evolution as a medium has allowed users to become protagonists of the content that exists in it. Beyond signifying a change in the technological part, this evolution has to do with the way it is understood and used by netizens. A user on Web 2.0 went from being a passive entity to becoming a leading axis of the communication process, which offered him freedom when interacting, allowing him to express his motivations, intentions, and claims.

Internet users could be classified into “passive,” which are those who search, consult and consume content, and into “assets,” which are those who interact with said content. And finally, “collaborative”, are those who generate content and, in turn, relate to other Internet users.

In a few words, from this evolution of the web, every cybernaut with the mere fact of deciding it will be able to upload, comment, share and modify content, becoming a sender and receiver without the need for a mediator. From creating this new model, the only thing needed in the network to become an utterly habitable environment for cybernauts were the sites where these users coexisted with others related to them, automatically segmented by any characteristic in common. Those sites came under the name of “social networks.”

Social networks allow users to stop being just numbers and connection codes to have an identity. Being senders and receivers without limitations has been only the beginning. Social networks make it possible to communicate, segment, classify, create and belong to communities, but they are also tools to feed the ego and self-esteem of its users. In a world where there are more and more individuals, meeting those needs to stand out from the average is an inevitable addictive advantage.

The content published by users accelerated the flow of information on the Internet frantically. The reality completely changed in society. It significantly modified adolescents’ vision because when receiving such a bombardment of content, practically without control, their way of relating and expressing them with the Internet and with their peers changed forever.

Situations such as the fact that the popularity of people on the Internet transcends to reality, today, generate more power of influence over others, this has been assimilated immediately but confusingly by users who are young (and by many not so much anymore).

These elements, accompanied by a misguided social openness towards sexuality and together with misunderstood heroism, vain courage, fear of rejection, sexual naivety, ignorance of the danger, and even the impulsive exhibitionism of many users, have achieved that phenomena such as sexting are today a dark and everyday fashion.

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