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Techniques for triggering ejaculation without orgasm

The most effective way to start ejaculating is to stimulate the G-spot without getting an orgasm manually. This method practically, on its own, allows you to adjust to the sensations that ejaculation provides, without being pressured by a partner’s participation in this act and without adding the element of orgasm. The method may seem erotic-free, but it is highly effective in helping you find out how you feel when you ejaculate. This experience will instill in your soul the confidence and conviction that you, too, can ejaculate.

Therefore, I recommend that escort girls should try the exploration methods described in this chapter on their own and then invite their partners to join them. Once you have reached ejaculation in this way, you will judge much better with your partner. I recommend this method to women making their first attempts at ejaculation, as it provides the best starting point for locating and stimulating the G-spot, accumulating, and eliminating ejaculation fluid. By taking note of these sensations, you will be able to draw “your own erotic or erogenous map,” that is, the mental representation of your erotic points of the body. Once you are aware of this map, you will be able to pass on to your partner, more efficiently, the techniques of G-spot stimulation and ejaculation fluid production. If you follow each step described in the following three sections and master them before moving on to the next step, your chances of success in ejaculation are increasing.

If you do not succeed after doing these exercises at least five times, do not despair. Continue the practices patiently. Above all, you need to be kind to yourself and encourage yourself at all times.

Privacy protecting

Success can be achieved if you protect your privacy. The first ejaculation experiments are just as delicate experiences that make you more vulnerable, so you deserve to enjoy the protection that privacy offers. I strongly recommend them to women who are just now learning how to ejaculate, to try themselves first, that is, without their partners. Do not tell your partners about the results you have obtained if you are reluctant to do so. Create an emotional protection space while practicing, realizing that you are not yet in a position to open yourself entirely erotically to the G-spot. In a short time, you will be able to share your experience with your partner with more conviction and self-confidence.

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The three P’s: patience, perseverance, and privacy


Mastering any new technique requires patience. The first time you made love or caressed your clitoris, you probably had a pleasant sensation, but you certainly didn’t know what to do to turn pleasure into orgasm. The same is true when you stimulate the G-spot and trigger ejaculation. Be patient, allow time to work, and gain experience until you acquire the right skills. Enjoy every stage of your becoming, and most importantly, don’t worry about the “grand finale.”


Develop your perseverance through practical exercises. Repeat each of the exploration methods described in this chapter three to five times. With each attempt, you will become more aware of the existence of the G-spot, you will discover the erogenous zones, and you will be able to develop a more remarkable ability in the accumulation and expulsion of ejaculatory fluid.


If you still want to share your experiences with your partner during the exercises, don’t forget that such descriptions are fascinating and erotic for everyone. Men’s arousal can bring out the best in them from an erotic point of view, which could make you feel that your partner is pressuring you, a feeling that could disrupt experiments designed to develop ejaculation skills. Protect yourself by clearly and firmly delimiting the exploration area because it is healthier this way, telling your partner that you will share the results and be much more exciting, but only after you feel ready.

The three S’s: style, smile and sensuality


Give each stage its tone and rhythm. Make your mark on every stage of personal development: listen to the voice of intuition and let yourself be carried away by the tide. Turn every step of your personal experience into an opportunity for creative exploration. It penetrates the intimacy of one’s own body and the deep intimacy of one’s affections and physical sensations. Every woman has a different style and her tastes, preferences. It is essential to allow yourself to manifest sexually. Feel free to express your wishes and what you want and enjoy doing. Write down all the ideas and use them as milestones and goals.


Rejoice at the thought of ejaculating. I suggest you stop reading for a moment, think about ejaculation, and laugh. Whenever you feel frustrated, embarrassed, inert, or overworked, remember that these are just sensations that you can change instantly. Take a break and laugh at the scene you imagine because ejaculation is liberating, full of joy, and funny.


Make exploration a playful and sensual experience. The techniques described below are presented with honest detachment. Still, they have an erotic charge, thus provoking a state of arousal. Because the application of these techniques involves caressing the vagina, abandoning in the arms the pleasure of the voluptuous sensations procured by its exploration. If you have not yet reached that optimal level of comfort in your own body, or if you are not yet familiar with the physical, mental, and emotional stimulation that excites you the most, use these exploration exercises as a beginning in the vital journey whose purpose is the discovery of one’s sexual self. If you are still modest or do not know what helps you get aroused, take the time to meditate on this and do some experimental testing. (Sellers of erotic shops or employees of specialized mail order companies may be consulted.) Then resume the above steps step by step.

The three R’s: – Relax, relax and relax again!


Replace tension with relaxation. When we want to build erotic sensations, to reach orgasm, we usually tense our whole body. But the same pressure is the leading cause that causes the G-spot to become inert and no longer react to stimulation, causing us to be unable to let go of our senses and ejaculate. People generally stay true to “verified” sexual methods, just as they remain attached to an old and worn blanket. It is essential to replace old habits with new ones during erotic stimulation and throughout the period. We are learning relaxation methods. Changing old habits involves a lot of practical exercises, constant effort, and determination to persevere. But, my dear ones, you can do it!


Create sensations through relaxation and breathing! Breathing contributes to erotic feelings and transports sexual energy throughout the body. This allows us to experience the deep pleasures and emotions offered by the G-spot., we will enable the blood to circulate better, a state that will produce more intense sensations, which, in turn, will stimulate arousal and ejaculation. Both during these exercises of self-knowledge, but also whenever you feel a sexual desire, it is advisable to check if you are breathing correctly periodically. If you notice that you are tense, relax and inhale slowly, long, and deeply. You are relaxing and inhaling profoundly and without haste instead of straining.

Create a nice atmosphere

You need to create a pleasant atmosphere designed to honor the first attempt to bring the G-spot to life. The space you choose will be soothing and intimate and will be designed to emphasize the personal note you will imprint on the event. Schedule your time to make sure no one bothers you for a long time. If you have time, I recommend you take a relaxing bath, trying to relax before you start. Lay a thick blanket or a few towels on the floor, which will be placed next to the foot of the bed, next to a wall, a wardrobe, or a chair, so that you can rest comfortably on it. Go to the bathroom before you start. Pick up erotic accessories, some lubricant, and a white napkin box. Undress and put on a wide robe, which opens in the front. Play relaxing music and turn off the lights. Light some scented sticks or scented candles and place flowers in the room if you feel the need. And now, after you’ve settled in comfortably, it’s time to find your G-spot.

Step one

Locate the three main areas of the sexual organ. Sit on the towel and pull the mirror close to you. Find the location of the clitoris and determine how far it is from the vaginal opening, measuring it with your fingers on the width. In some women, the clitoris is located three fingers wide from the opening of the vagina, while in others, it is much closer to it.

Step two

Pay attention to the reaction of the urethra. Next, take one of the erotic accessories, lubricate it the entire length, insert it into the vagina, and check if the urethral orifice has changed its position, what movements it makes, and in what direction. Suppose it disappears or gets too close to the erotic instrument after you insert it into the vagina, likely. In that case, you will not be able to ejaculate if something significant has been inserted into the vagina (penis, dildo, or even a finger). Change the angle at which you inserted the erotic object and check if the urethra behaves differently.

Step three

Touch the region of your urethra. Remove the object from the vagina and set it aside. Using your finger, touch the urethral orifice and the area around the spongy membrane (about 4 centimeters diagonally). Let your finger slide slightly from this point into the vagina.

Step four

Discover the folds of the G-spot. Insert your finger deeper inside, another phalanx. Notice if you feel small G-spot streaks, including the female equivalent of the “lip” on the head of the penis! At first, they will look fine and delicate, so that you can confuse them with a skin crease. Walk your fingers a few times on these streaks from one end to the other. Get used to them. Let go of your senses.

Step five

Feel the body of the G-spot. And now, with your finger inserted into the vagina along a length of two phalanges, imagine that an egg has partially penetrated the vagina, making its way through its roof. Pass your finger over the imaginary egg and feel the ditches on the sides of this “egg.” Feel the folds as your finger slides from one groove to another. The “balloon” between the gutters is the G-spot!

Step six

Touch the end of the G-spot. Move your finger along the folds and body of the G-spot (but not the grooves). Very slowly and carefully, let your finger slide toward the cervix until you feel the tip of the spherical egg, at a depth equivalent to about the length of three phalanges; bend your finger around the tail of this egg. The egg is somewhat flattened towards the terminal part, which is the very end of the G-spot! The finger is bent.

Step seven

Study the size and shape of the G-spot. Explore the entire G-spot region once more, palpating the folds on the body, letting your finger slide into the side grooves of the G-spot body, and allowing it to fold around the termination. Do not lose contact with the G-spot as you run your finger over the striae again, then remove your finger from the vagina. Continue to pull out and insert your finger, pushing it to the urethral orifice. Pass your finger in circular motions over the urethral orifice. Do you see how closely the G-spot and urethra are connected? View the size and shape of the G-spot when it is not exciting.

Step eight

Study how the PC muscles move the G-spot. Slowly insert your finger again and continue the experiment by gently tightening the PC muscles, then the gluteal muscles. Notice the movement that occurs in the region of the perineal sponge (the portion of erectile tissue on the platform of the vagina) that rises by pressing your finger and the way the G-spot moves downward by exerting pressure the finger. Retract your finger, tense your PC muscles, and then your gluteal muscles again. It should be noted that at this time, the perineal sponge exerts a slight pressure on the G-spot and vice versa. With the help of two fingers, open the vaginal opening wide, opening your lips wide, to see it more clearly.

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