Age 25
Languages German, English
Height 170 cm
Weight 60 kg
Measurements 90-60-90
Hair Colour Blonde
Eyes Colour Brown
Bra Size 75 B
Dress Size 7
Cuisine Indian, Spanish
Drinks Champagne, Wine
Flowers Lily, Roses
Interests Fitness, Traveling
Perfumes Chanel, Hermes
Smoker No
Tattoo/Piercing no
Email bookings@dusseldorf-girls.de
Phone 004915259476665

Powerful Escort

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As for my fashion style, it is classic with a modern twist. I love elegant, timeless pieces that can be dressed up or down. I am also passionate about statement accessories and shoes, as they can make a simple outfit look extraordinary. But I also adore to get naked when my clients order it.
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