Age 23
Languages German, English
Height 176 cm
Weight 59kg
Measurements 90-60-90
Hair Colour Brunette
Eyes Colour Blue
Bra Size 75C
Dress Size S
Cuisine Italian, French
Drinks Aperol Spritz, Champagne
Flowers Tulips, roses
Interests Fitness, dancing, reading
Perfumes Chanel, Hermes
Smoker No
Tattoo/Piercing No
Email bookings@dusseldorf-girls.de
Phone 004915259476665

Astonishing Escort

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Ella and I am an astonishing escort girl working with a VIP Escort Agency. I’m a brunette woman with long hair which makes it much easier for me to stay active and do sports without any hassle. My green eyes are often complimented by others, along with my beautiful face and angelic features.

In terms of personality, I’m a respectful and friendly astonishing escort girl who enjoys making new friends wherever I go. I love meeting new people and learning about their experiences, cultures, and perspectives. I also have a deep love for animals, especially dogs and cats, and often find myself drawn to their playful and loving energy.

Rainbows are one of my favourite things in the world, and I find their colours and beauty incredibly inspiring. I believe that they represent the diversity and beauty of the world we live in, and I’m always drawn to their brightness and joyfulness.

Overall, I’m a positive and upbeat astonishing escort girl who enjoys living life to the fullest. I believe in the power of kindness, empathy, and compassion, and I try to embody these values in everything I do.

My favourite travel destination

My favourite travel destination is Rome, Italy. I have been there a few times and always come home with wonderful memories and unforgettable experiences.

Rome is an incredible destination for history and art lovers. Every corner of the city has an interesting story and an artistic masterpiece, from the Colosseum and the Roman Forum to the Sistine Chapel and the Trevi Fountain. As an astonishing escort girl, I love walking through the narrow streets of Rome and discovering the secrets and hidden treasures of the city.

Italian food is another wonderful experience you can have in Rome. I had the best pasta, pizza and gelato I have ever tasted. I love going to the local markets and trying out fresh produce like fruit, vegetables and delicious cheeses.
Another wonderful thing about Rome is its romantic and magical atmosphere. I had the opportunity to see the city at night, with bright lights and quaint cafes. We took a romantic boat ride on the Tiber River and explored remote but charming places.

Overall, Rome is a destination that offers a unique and wonderful experience. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to visit this fascinating city and I hope to return there as soon as possible.

My favourite hobbies

Being an astonishing escort girl, my favourite hobbies are cooking and reading. I love experimenting with new recipes and cooking delicious meals for friends and family. I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction books, from cookbooks to historical novels or biographies.

As far as where I like to go on dates, I would say that I like to go by a lake the most. I love sitting on a blanket under the trees, relaxing and enjoying the natural scenery. It is a perfect place to spend time with someone special, has an interesting conversation and create beautiful memories together. I would also like to go on a picnic or barbecue by the lake to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the delicious food I cook.