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1. What are erotic fantasies

A sexual fantasy or an erotic fantasy is a model of thinking that arouses a person’s sexuality and can increase his sexual arousal. Virtually any thought that can give sexual arousal is an erotic fantasy. External stimuli can trigger such visions, or our imagination can create them. Sexual fantasies can break out at any time. In some cases, however, they are created intentionally.

For us, sex is not an abstract concept. Dreams accompany sexual behaviours. When men and women masturbate, they invariably think of an actual sexual act, similar to the fantasies imagined at certain moments. Such dreams may seem unpredictable in circumstances that put us in embarrassing situations in other contexts. Teenage boys are ashamed when they show apparent evidence of sexual emotion.

A sexual fantasy is a story in which the dreamer plays a significant role. These stories are extraordinarily varied. It is believed that the specifics of each dream are based on the experiences the individual has gone through. They can be short stories, such as watching an escort girl have sex or imagining someone watching you while you have sex. These particular erotic moments are voyeuristic fantasies or exhibitionist fantasies.

2. Erotic perversions and fantasies

When one practices specific fantasies that society rejects, it can be said that the person is resorting to perversions. They are, by definition, deviant and obsessive. They may involve clothing such as socks or underwear. They can also refer to animals. Others are more personal, such as washing or drinking urine. Sexual behavior is wrong when someone is hurt. Some perversions, such as pedophilia or rape, hurt other people and are criminal.

However, such impulses are hidden and usually do not grow out of involvement in erotic fantasies. Although behaviors can be ethical or unethical, thoughts cannot be treated the same. Our escorts from Dusseldorf Girls have normal erotic fantasies, the ones we are sure that you will love!

3. Pornography and erotic fantasies

Pornography can be seen as a “sexual aid,” meaning something between sexual fantasies and excessive sexual behavior. Movies of this kind are top-rated, especially now that they can be easily accessed online. They are consumed by ordinary individuals who, for various reasons, require more sexual stimulation. Many men and women have even begun to rely on pornography.

There is constant controversy over the problems that pornography can cause. Does this contribute to the likelihood of deviant sexual behavior or lack of interest in actual sexual interaction? This dispute has been going on for decades and will probably not be decided definitively. However, there is no convincing evidence that pornography causes any harm. FOR EXAMPLE, watching XXX movies doesn’t seem to contribute to violent sexual behavior. Child pornography is doomed.

4. Erotic fantasies and reality

In general, most people find it more satisfying to have sex with a human being than to dream of having sex. On the other hand, sexual fantasies can satisfy interactions in ways that would not be acceptable in real life. So specific stories have to stay at this stage. There may be days when we think that we can still fulfill them and look for ways. Then the excitement gets even more significant. In other words, reality interferes.

Fantasies should not be confused with desires or behaviors. Many women, for example, have acknowledged domination stories, but about half of them have stated that they will never want to experience this sexual fantasy in real life. The mere presence of fiction, even if it is intense and recurring, is not enough to describe sexual interest in real life. Thus, erotic fantasies do not characterize you in everyday life.

They don’t say anything about you as a human being. Psychologists are less concerned with sexual fantasies involving the consent of adults in non-criminal situations and more with the effect of fantasy, regardless of content. As soon as a sexual fantasy induces suffering or involves partners who disagree, it must be considered pathological. Any sexual fantasy that causes suffering to a person should be classified as a sexual disorder.

5. Sexual deviations

From a clinical point of view, we know the pathological sexual fantasies: those that involve partners who do not consent and induce pain, necessary to obtain satisfaction. There are so-called paraphilic or atypical sexual fantasies, which involve the consent of adult partners, especially fetishism, sadism and masochism. These sexual fantasies are, in fact, very common in any category of people. They are classified as “rare”, “unusual” or “typical”. Surprisingly, few fantasies are “rare” from a statistical point of view.

Surveys show that the nature of sexual fantasies is very varied among the population and surprisingly few are, in fact, “rare”, “unusual” or “typical”. Researchers say that “rare” fantasies can build scenarios that could involve sex with a child or an animal. The “unusual” ones could involve urination, strange clothing, sex with prostitutes or the abuse of a drunk. Finally, “typical” fantasies may involve sex in a romantic setting, where the subject has oral sex or – for men – has sex with two women.

6. Erotic fantasies: women vs. men

The same study also confirms the stereotype that men have more fantasies and describe them more vividly than women. In addition, the results indicate marked differences between the way men and women interpret sexual fantasies. For example, although nearly 60% of women described fantasies that involved obedience — being tied up, beaten, or forced to have sex — the survey found that women were much less willing to put their fantasy into practice in real life than men. . Most men said they would like their fantasies to come true. Women also reported dreaming more about their partner than men. Men’s fantasies have overwhelmingly referred to extramarital affairs.

But one of the most interesting findings of the study was related to the significant number of fantasies that were uniquely masculine: about transsexuals, anal sex between heterosexuals and the idea of seeing their partner having sex with another man. Evolutionary biological theories cannot explain these fantasies, nor do they clarify the term “shemale” – traditionally used in the pornography industry as a label for transgender women. Many practitioners of BDSM, a term that denotes sexual practices (including role-playing games, dominance / subordination, coercion, sadomasochism), say that the beauty of these games is that power is always in the hands of the submissive partner. Others consider BDSM and the suffocation game to be another version of male violence.

7. Unusual fantasies

Can we use unusual sexual fantasies to identify sexual deviance? Is there a connection between what people fantasize about and how they behave?

Another study focused on the concept of unusual sexual fantasy. Most of the fantasies in the survey did not turn out to be rare or unique, and only a few were considered typical. In the realm of sexual fantasies, diversity is normal. Of the 55 fantasies on display, only two were rare. Less than 2.4% of the sample was related to bestiality and pedophilia.

Nine fantasies were statistically unusual. Seven of them fell into “rare” fiction in women. These included urinating on a partner (3.5% of subjects), wearing clothes of the opposite sex (6.9%), forcing someone to have sex (10.8%), abusing a person who is drunk, asleep, or unconscious. 10.8%), having sex with a prostitute (12.5%), and having sex with a woman who has very small breasts (10.8%).

Interestingly, even among men, only four fantasies are considered unusual: urinating on your partner (8.9%), urinating on you (10.0%), having sex with two other men (15.8%) or have sex with more than three men (13.1%). Five fantasies were statistically typical, endorsed by about 84.1% of participants. These fantasies involved feelings, stories in which the atmosphere and location are important, containing a lot of romance. Both sexes reported fantasies in similar romantic locations.

For men, typical fantasies included receiving oral sex and having sex with two women. On the other hand, the themes of submission and domination are common to both men and women. These topics were reported in approximately 60% of subjects. It is worth noting that there was no gender difference for these topics.

In fact, men reported fantasies of obedience in comparable proportions to those of women. This rejects the belief that men certainly fantasize about domination. In fact, it was found that the themes of submission and domination are correlated. Many people with submissive fantasies also reported fantasies of domination.

8. Fetish and sexual fantasies

A fetish is sexual emotion in response to an object or part of the body that has nothing erotic, such as shoes or feet. It is more common in men. Many people with fetishes must have the object of their attraction at hand or fantasize about it, alone or with a partner, to become sexually aroused, get an erection, and have an orgasm.

A person with a fetish may masturbate while holding, smelling, touching or tasting the object. Or they may ask their partner to wear it or use it during intercourse. It has been found that the most common fetishes involve parts of the body (such as the legs) or its features (obesity, piercings, tattoos). Legs are by far the most common.

9. Common erotic fantasies

The famous German psychiatrist Sigmund Freud has consistently argued that fantasy is essential in sexual arousal. In ourselves, we conceive of strange and “perverse” scenarios, hoping that they will lead us to pleasure. This is quite normal and does not mean that we want to get involved in such activities in real life. Erotic fantasies can involve different themes.

For example, danger or dirt. Some imagine that they have had dirty sex with vagrants. Some women pretend to be raped. Similarly, heterosexual men can imagine having sex with beautiful women. Other variants focus on the idea of being tied up or tying up someone else. Many sexual fantasies involve violence. These are clear indications that sex is sometimes associated with aggression.

Here are some types of erotic fantasies and explanations for them:


Even if they are single or as a couple, people dream of having another person in the bedroom. This desire is ignited by the sensual overload, so many different parts of the body that intertwine. Many couples like the idea of three to bring a spark and excitement into the bedroom.

Domination and obedience

Both men and women are interested in domination and obedience. Although men are generally more interested in dominating and women are more interested in being dominated, this is not always the case. Some women are dominant and others are submissive. The fantasies of domination are about power.

You want to feel that you have full control of an experience and that the other person will do whatever you want. There are two very sexy things about obedience. The first is the feeling that the subjects have all the attention on themselves. The second is the feeling of abandoning yourself, losing control and being taken or used for the pleasure of another.

With someone of the same sex

Although there is a tendency to view sexual orientation as binary (heterosexual or homosexual), these categories are, in fact, socially constructed and respond to our general sexual desires. But nothing compares to our curiosity! When we dream of having sex with someone of the same sex, we do it to find out how we are touched in a strange or familiar way (when we touch ourselves) and to break all the possible rules.

See your partner having sex with someone else

Even though many of us strive to stay in monogamous relationships, something is challenging and taboo about this fantasy: watching our partner have sex with someone else. Even in the position of the voyeur (including in our own imaginations), we can have power.

The image of a foreign hand touching your partner’s body can give rise to sexual arousal that we did not think we were capable of. Through the lens of fantasy, pain becomes pleasure. In conclusion, erotic fantasies are perfectly normal. Although some may seem unacceptable to us, they are part of our way of being.


1. What are erotic fantasies
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3. Pornography and erotic fantasies
4. Erotic fantasies and reality
5. Sexual deviations
6. Erotic fantasies: women vs. men
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8. Fetish and sexual fantasies
9. Common erotic fantasies

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